The Convenience of Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems

Keep things moving with conveyor systems from the CasLad range. But why CasLad conveyor systems, you may wonder. It’s quite simple! We offer a simple conveyor system that is not negatively affected by power outages, thereby ensuring that the processes are streamlined within the work environment. Whether you need to move canned goods, boxed goods, or any packaged goods really, the gravity roller conveyor system offers the ultimate solution.

Without a reliable conveyor system, keeping products moving can be a challenging task as staff members would have to move everything manually. Not only will this prove tiring for your staff members, but it can also be extremely time consuming and pose various health and safety hazards. In some industries, conveyor systems are a non-negotiable item of equipment. These industries include but are not limited to the manufacturing industry, industrial settings, commercial industry and even the transport and logistics industries.

Imagine how slow food manufacturing plants, airport luggage areas and even packaging companies would struggle without the conveyor systems that they have in place. At CasLad, we don’t stock over-priced, electronically powered conveyor systems. Our systems work on gravity and that means that you never have to experience a moment of downtime, even if there’s load shedding or a power outage. A gravity roller conveyor system has a simple design and are manufactured from materials that can last longer without showing any premature wear and tear. With this type of conveyor, you can improve efficiency and productivity while also cutting back on your operating costs. Your staff members will also be very appreciative of the load that is literally taken off their hands.

If it is an easy and effortless movement of products and stock that you are looking for – without breaking the bank –you may want to learn more about the gravity roller systems that we stock. Of course, because they are not electronically powered, they are also a far more sustainable and environmentally friendly system on the market. When investing in the conveyor system, you won’t be limited to specific design layouts. These systems can be custom arranged and set-up to suit your work environment’s specific demands. When installing such a system, we will consider all the factors that affect such a system, such as available space, size and weight of the goods to be moved, distance to travel, and how quickly items need to move.

Gravity conveyor systems are typically available in aluminium or steel makeup. They are quite lightweight by design, making transporting them not too difficult. Obviously, aluminium conveyors will be lighter than steel conveyors. However, steel conveyors offer exemplary durability and strength. You can expect many years of service out of these systems. Customising your conveyor system is also simple with the variety of track widths and lengths available. Both curved and straight sections are available which means creating the type of conveyor system layout that you require is absolutely possible.

At CasLad, we stock the main conveyor system pieces, as well as separate gravity rollers and ball transfer units. It is vitally important to ensure that your conveyor system is set up and installed correctly. Your heaviest and lightest products must be considered. Without the correct amount of weight and pitch of the conveyor system, movement of products could come to a standstill, which could mean bad things for your bottom line. At CasLad, we understand how important it is to have everything perfectly set up from the very beginning. If you aren’t sure of how to create the perfect system, take the time to discuss your requirements with our team at CasLad. We will make sure that your system is delivered to your required address and professionally installed. Showing how to make the most of the system and its functionality is all part of the process.

If you would like to learn more about our gravity roller conveyor systems and how these systems can benefit your business, take the time to chat to one of our consultants at CasLad. Simply send us an email or give us a call when it is best convenient for you and we will advise you on our range and the options available to you.