Gravity Roller Conveyors

When it comes to the manufacturing of gravity roller conveyors, the possibilities are endless, as these incredibly useful systems can be found almost anywhere where large or heavy items need to be conveyed to a certain destination, avoiding the hassle of lifting these items and transporting them manually, and allowing for item scanning and inspection along the way.

Gravity roller conveyors are implemented within the commercial sector to handle luggage at airports, and in the industrial sector to accommodate mass production lines and similar operations. As a result, each and every gravity roller conveyor system can be custom-built to suit the needs of the specific work environment, allowing for versatile applications, such as scanning and inspection along the way to the conveyors ultimate destination.

CasLad provides gravity roller conveyor construction solutions for your working environment. and a plethora of possibilities come from our versatile and flexible construction options. Today, we will discuss the extent of our gravity roller conveyors, and how they can increase the effectiveness of your daily work routine, providing a viable solution to transport items and goods safely from one point to another with inspection and scanning stations along the way to ensure that these goods live up to the standard.


CasLad’s Customisable Gravity Roller Conveyor Solution

At CasLad, we offer modular conveyor systems with standardised lengths of 3 m per section, which can be adjusted to suit your needs on request. Standard widths for these gravity roller conveyors include 300-, 450-, and 600-mm options to meet industry sizes, with custom sizes also available on request to suit your work environment’s requirements.

We also offer 45- and 90-degree bends to ensure that your conveyor system leads to a desired destination, with adjustable legs available on all conveyors to give you the freedom to determine specified heights and angles at which these systems would run on optimised speeds. The rollers can also be set at different pitches to further enhance the versatility and customisable options.

Our experts are always willing to lend some useful advice regarding a preferred gravity roller conveyor system for your work environment. As a result, CasLad offers the possibility of not only customising the layout of your gravity roller conveyor system, but also optimise its effectiveness to suit your every need, whether it is size, width, or angle that can be adjusted to find that sweet spot, and deliver the system that would ideally work for your business.

On top of it all, we also offer a wide selection of other accommodating products for the commercial and industrial work environments, including a selection of trolleys, castors, wheels, and ladders to ensure that you have every tool to get the job done on a daily basis. Gravity roller conveyors are very useful in terms of optimising speeds and inspection points for goods to be conveyed from one checkpoint to the other, without wasting any time using lifting equipment that would need to load and unload at each checkpoint along the way.

As a result, these systems can provide the necessary solutions for your business, and CasLad can provide a fully customisable gravity roller conveyor system, which delivers optimal speeds and results that not only suit your preferences, but your environment as well. In conclusion, you can finally get a working system that is designed to optimise the flow of goods and items for commercial and industrial use, adapting in width, length, and height to accommodate almost any item size under the sun.

CasLad provides a plethora of solutions through our wide range of products for sale, including our fully customisable gravity roller conveyors systems. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for further details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose CasLad today for all your commercial and industrial equipment needs.