Gravity Roller Conveyors

Versatile Gravity Roller Conveyors from CasLad

We all want versatile equipment that can adapt to its environment for optimal results. A simple example of versatility is the point-of-sale terminal, where the customer has different payment options to suit their preferences. As a business, you want to acquire versatile equipment that can cater to your needs. Fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly plants alike commonly use gravity roller conveyors to ensure that goods flow via the right channels, as well as swiftly and efficiently.

They are usually installed in standardised sizes and track shapes. Bends can be tricky to execute and the rollers must be adjusted to accommodate for 45˚ and 90˚ bends, or the products being transported on it will simply fall off the track. Luckily, CasLad offers a workable solution. We offer versatile products and sound advice on how to set up such a conveyor track in your workplace. We also offer stand-alone rollers so that you can easily replace broken or worn parts in your existing tracks. Today, we will look at how our solutions can work to the benefit of your business.


Using Gravity to Our Advantage

Gravity may not be visible, but its effect is, and it can be measured through the force it creates. By using this force to our advantage, we can create conveyors that rely on this free, invisible pulling force instead of electricity. The idea behind a gravity conveyor is to be a system that is set up at a downward slope to the horizontal plane to convey products to the next station with little to no assistance. We can design systems with our customisable product that can suit every need of your business.

First, we need to look at the components making up a gravity conveyor. We offer a modular system that can be adapted to the needs of your business. Our standard sections are 3 m in length and they consist of a frame, rollers, and legs. All these parts are adjustable and customisable to fit your needs and create a suitable conveyor track for your workplace. Sections are available in custom lengths upon request. Therefore, if you only need one section to complete a track, you can request the specific length and width according to your requirement to ensure the new section fits perfectly.

Our sections are also available in 45˚ and 90˚ bends to ensure that you can build an ideal layout in your workplace. We offer adjustable legs on all our gravity-conveyor sections as well and this feature adds to their versatility no end. As a result, you can vary the angle of sections for optimal performance. Rollers can also be set at different pitches to fit specific sections of the track. Standard roller conveyors are available in 300-, 450-, and 600-mm widths. We also offer custom widths upon request to suit an already established track.

The rollers are the most important part of gravity conveyors. They create the surface on which products are transported from one end to the other. We offer them in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty variants to suit the needs of your workplace. They are spring-loaded for simple and fast assembly within your conveyor track. Standard widths are available, as well as custom widths upon request. Standard roller diameters include 28, 50, 63, and 76 mm. So, as you can see, whether you need a brand-new gravity roller conveyor track or a supplier of spare parts, we can be your solution to both.

CasLad offers a wide selection of commercial and industrial equipment for businesses in South Africa. Our range includes ladders, castor wheels, and gravity roller conveyors, to name only a few. For more information on how we can supply your business with quality equipment, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us today as your supplier of quality equipment.