Gravity Roller Conveyors

Understanding Gravity Roller Conveyors

When it comes to handling materials and packages, efficiency is key. If your workforce has to manually lug around and carry stock and other items throughout the day, it will tire them out and have a detrimental effect on their job satisfaction and quality of life. We stock a range of gravity roller conveyors suited to a variety of industries. These conveyors are of the non-powered type and they rely on gravity to move loads from one area to another. Not only are these conveyors efficient, they are cost-effective too. In order for such a conveyor to work correctly, it must be mounted at a slight slope and at an angle that enables gravity and the weight of the load to do the work and move the product. These conveyors can be short or long. The conveyor does not have to be installed at an angle; they can be used on the level, with operators pushing the products along until the end destination. With this type of setup, various workstations can be serviced along the conveyor line.

The Use of Gravity Conveyors

Roller gravity conveyors are used for moving loads of boxes in large quantities or when they are simply too heavy for a person to carry from one area to another. They can be used in non-contact movement of items and for moving pallets, as long as the bottom boards are perpendicular or parallel to the rollers to ensure smooth progress. Their design and setup also make them ideal for side loading and unloading, which is particularly convenient in many industries and work environments.

Where are Gravity Roller Conveyors Most Often Used?

You will find these gravity conveyors in warehouses and distribution centres and in the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, parcel handling, and food and beverage industries. If you often travel by air, you will be all too familiar with these particular types of roller gravity conveyors, because you will see them used in the airport security areas where hand luggage is passed through the scanners of security checkpoints.

Caslad Stocks Both Standard and Custom-Designed Gravity Roller Conveyors

Caslad is an industry leader when it comes to the supply of material handling equipment and accessories, including modular conveyor systems. Our conveyor systems are sold in sections of 3 m, but we can make up any length upon the request of the customer. Simply let us know what your specifications are and we will prepare your order accordingly. While we can also provide customised widths according to specification, our standard widths are 300, 450, and 600 mm. For long systems, we have conveyor lengths available with 45-degree and 90-degree bends, depending on your needs and requirements. All our conveyor systems are provided with adjustable legs and operators can set the rollers at various pitches according to the application that the unit is being used in.

Understanding the Advantage of Opting for Gravity Roller Conveyors Over Electric Conveyors

When shopping around for conveyor systems, it is important to select the systems that are best suited to your needs and budget. Gravity conveyors are often preferred to other types for the following reasons:

  • These conveyor systems are not affected by power failures, as they only use gravity to operate. Non-powered units can keep the goods moving at all times.
  • Gravity conveyors are more affordable to run than powered conveyors, especially in busy setups where the system is expected to run for many hours through the day and night or with heavy loads.
  • These systems can be used to aid workers in their daily tasks, especially as they can be easily and safely side loaded and offloaded.

Order Your Gravity Roller Conveyors from Caslad

Setting up a conveyor system is something that must be done strategically and with care. Understanding the gravity roller system and how it works is the first step for a successful and satisfactory setup. At Caslad, we can advise you on the best setup and how to ensure that the conveyor works efficiently and effectively. For more information and advice on our extensive range of top-quality and competitively priced gravity roller conveyors, take the time to consult with us. Simply send us an email or give us a call at your earliest convenience.