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Lifting and Handling Products

Any warehouse, storage facility, or retailer can attest to the importance of lifting and handling equipment for their daily operations. Whether these are pallets laden with products or other heavy items, there will always be a need for quality lifting machinery in the industrial and commercial sectors. This type of equipment also needs to be reliable and have the necessary lifting capacity to do their jobs dependably and safely.

With a plethora of applications across both commercial and industrial sectors, lifting and handling equipment are commonplace at most of these businesses. Warehouses and large retailers commonly employ forklifts and pallet trucks to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to deal with any shipment. Retailers also use pallet trucks to handle large and heavy materials for their customers. Today, we will have a look at some feasible solutions from CasLad in terms of commercial and industrial lifting and handling equipment.


Handling Equipment for Your Business

Pallet jacks are simple in design and execution. These jacks are good at handling large pallets and heavy machines. CasLad offers a large selection of pallet jacks with different handling capacities to meet your requirements. Our 5-t standard hydraulic pallet jack offers a platform that has an impressive load capacity. The fork length on this jack is 1200 mm, with the overall fork width being 685 mm. It can reach a total lift height of 200 mm to ensure just enough ground clearance to easily move its load. This pallet jack is ideal for retailers and warehouse storage facilities alike.

For a different approach to pallet jacks, we offer the stainless-steel narrow pallet jack model. As the name implies, this jack is made from stainless steel to offer a very robust and long-lasting frame and body. A welded pump allows it to carry a maximum load of 2,5 t. The fork length on this machine is 1220 mm, with a reduced width of 550 mm to allow for better handling and navigation through narrow, stacked aisles. It can also achieve a lift height of 200 mm to give the necessary ground clearance for easy and safe operation on the move. Stainless steel is durable, does not corrode, and can withstand years of continued use. Therefore, this pallet jack is a perfect solution if you need tough, compact industrial handling equipment.

Sometimes, a lift table is what you need to handle the loads that have to be carried. With a solid and flat loading area, lift tables can handle products of almost any shape and size within their weight limit. Our 1-t lift table serves as an ideal example of how these machines can be the ideal handling equipment for commercial businesses. This lift table has a height of 500 mm when lowered, which extends to a total lifting height of 1700 mm when raised. The lift table’s lifting surface has an area of 1200 x 610 mm to make for a versatile machine that is suitable for a variety of applications.

Reach stackers are lifting equipment that can lift and store goods on high shelves to optimise floorspace in storage facilities. CasLad offers a selection of walk-behind stackers that are ideal for the commercial market and for light-duty industrial applications. Our manual stacker offers a total lift height of 1600 mm, with a maximum lift capacity of 2 t. This useful piece of handling equipment has a lifting speed of 14 mm per stroke, allowing for accurate and safe control of the load.

We offer a wide selection of commercial and industrial equipment for your business. If you want more information on our broad selection of lifting and handling equipment, feel free to peruse our website for details. Choose CasLad for all your useful equipment needs and solutions and take your business to the next level with our quality products.