Handling Equipment

Lifting and Handling Equipment

When it comes to commercial work environments, chances are good that you will find the lifting and handling of equipment that are being used in daily work routines, especially when some sort of storage is involved. Lifting and handling equipment will not only make the handling of heavy pallets easier, but it will also save valuable time and significantly increase safety within your work environment, giving the employees a safe and viable option for handling heavy and large products within a commercial setting.

When it comes to industrial environments, lifting and handling equipment will consist of forklift fleets, pallet trucks, and similar equipment that handle stacking, reaching, and material pallets within a warehouse environment. CasLad offers a selection of equipment to choose from that are ideal for commercial and industrial implementation.

Many scenarios require that quality handling equipment are implemented to safely transport products and materials within specific work environments, as well as lifting and storing these products or materials within a storage room or facility. As a result, handling equipment is vital within these work environments, especially regarding optimising functionality and safety in terms of product handling, while delivering a viable option for material pallet handling as well.

Today, we will have a closer look at CasLad’s range of lifting and handling equipment, giving you the information you need to buy equipment for your specific work environment.


CasLad’s Range of Lifting and Handling Equipment

CasLad offers a variety of equipment in this category to choose from, which are ideal for commercial and industrial use. Our range starts with our hydraulic pallet truck, offering a viable method of transporting material pallets with ease. Our hydraulic pallet truck model features a robust construction with a reliable pump to ensure that it is durable and can take care of the job at hand. It has a maximum load capacity of 3 000 kg, and a lift height of 200 mm to give this pallet truck viable functionality. It is available in a standard fork size, which delivers a 1 220 mm fork length and a 685 mm fork width. We have a smaller fork option available as well that reduces the fork length to 1 066 mm and the width to 540 mm.

Should you be looking for a combination between a lift table and a pallet truck, we also offer a hi-lift pallet truck, which offers more functionality. With a maximum load capacity of 1 500 kg, and a maximum lift height of 800 mm, the hi-lift pallet truck is the ideal piece of handling equipment for commercial implementation. This pallet truck features lateral stabilisers to increase stability when the pallet forks are raised, featuring a fork length of 1 140 mm, and a choice between 520 and 680 mm widths.

We also offer a mobile hydraulic lift table for specified applications, which is available in 350-, 500-, 650-, and 1 000-kg capacity models. The mobile hydraulic lift table features a steel construction, which optimises durability and toughness, with a manual foot-operated lift to increase stability and workability within the work environment. Heavy-duty polyurethane castor wheels move the mobile hydraulic lift table to where it needs to be, with lockable functions to further increase stability when stationary.

Should you be looking for a stacker, CasLad offers a manual hydraulic stacker to assist in stacking and reaching applications. We offer a choice between 1 000- and 2 000-kg capacity models, with a maximum lift height of 1 600 mm to take full advantage of. A 900 mm fork length, combined with an adjustable fork width, will allow for stable material and product handling. It is operated through hand and foot pump-action mechanisms that grant stability when operating this stacker. Lockable castor wheels will also increase stability when stationary, resulting in a viable option for commercial and industrial implementation.

Wide straddle legs are also available on request. CasLad also offers heavy-duty express skates, forklift safety cages, and crow bars on wheels to complete our full range of lifting and handling equipment, granting you access to a comprehensive selection of equipment for your specific work environment.

When it comes to lifting and handling equipment, CasLad offers viable solutions that can directly make a difference within your industrial or commercial environment. For more information on our range of lifting and handling equipment, feel free to peruse our website for details and images, or contact us directly for any enquiries. Choose CasLad today, and gain access to a variety of industrial and commercial equipment for sale.