Hydraulic Pallet Jack

Hydraulic Lifting and Handling Equipment

Many types of lifting and handling equipment are used by businesses in South Africa. Mostly focusing on light- to medium-duty lifting, this typically includes pallet jacks, reach stackers, and smaller lift trucks. Some are electric, while others use hydraulic power to achieve lift. These machines are ideal for large retailers and storage facilities that handle laden pallets. The ease of operation of these machines is also a valuable asset. We offer a variety of lifting and handling equipment with walk-behind functionality as well.

When running a large retailer, a hydraulic pallet jack is indispensable to handle heavy appliances or large product and material packs. They are also used when customers buy large or heavy appliances, transporting these to the customer’s vehicle. For businesses dealing with large storage facilities full of construction materials, our range of lifting and handling equipment offers the right machines for daily use. Today, we will delve into the details on some of this equipment, so you can make an informed decision and get the perfect solution when browsing through our selection.


Hydraulic Lifting Power

Hydraulic power has been a viable, proven, and reliable means to lift goods for years. We offer a sensible selection of lifting and handling equipment that makes use of this lifting concept. Starting with our range of pallet jacks, we manufacture and sell various designs to meet our customers’ every need. These walk-behind lifters are designed for carrying loads that are too heavy or awkwardly shaped for workers to carry. Of course, these machines need to have a low centre of gravity for optimal stability during lifting and transport.

Our 3-t standard hydraulic pallet jack has a rigid frame for lifting and transporting loads. Having a capacity of 3 t, this lift trolley is versatile and adaptable to the needs of your business. It has an integrated pump that allows for a 200-mm lift height when necessary. The fork’s length is 1220 mm and its width 685 mm, with each individual section being 160 mm wide. We also offer you the option to replace the standard wheels with polyurethane ones, should it be a more suitable solution for your business and intended work environment.

We also offer a narrow version of this pallet jack and with its more compact fork design, this version’s overall width is reduced to 550 mm to allow for narrow-aisle operation. Reducing its width makes this hydraulic lifter ideal for cramped storage facilities, narrow aisles, and other confined spaces. It is also available with polyurethane castor wheels as opposed to the standard versions, and this is, once again, dependent on your preferences. By narrowing the fork and still offering a 3-t capacity, this version is designed to carry heavy items in narrow containers, which would be a difficult or impossible feat for a regular fork.

For a little extra carrying capacity, we offer the 5-t hydraulic pallet jack. This model has similar dimensions to our standard 3-t version but adds the extra lifting capacity for heavier-duty functionality. As a result, the narrow wheels at the bottom of the fork are replaced with wider ones that offer an increased load-bearing ability and afford better control over the lifter. The wheelbase is 1200 mm and the overall length is 1700 mm. With such a long wheelbase in relation to its length, the lifter turns more steadily and remains stable, even during heavy lifts.

CasLad is your first choice when your business is on the lookout for hydraulic pallet jacks. Our selection covers what you need for your daily routines in a large retailer or storage facility. For more information on these walk-behind lifters, please browse our website for details and images. Choose us today and experience the value of quality lifting and handling equipment in your workplace.