Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Let the Hydraulic Pallet Truck Boost Your Business’s Productivity

If you run a business, you are undoubtedly faced with a myriad of difficult decisions each day, and so you know that it can be tough to make the right call, especially if you are not aware of what your options are, especially in terms of equipment. One of the decisions that you might currently be faced with is whether or not to refresh your handling and lifting equipment. One particular piece of equipment used in the industrial and commercial sector is the hydraulic pallet truck. If you do not already have one, you are missing out on a wealth of convenience. This machine has been designed to simplify all of your lifting and handling of stock and it certainly does a great job of it.

If you are thinking about investing in a pallet truck, prepare to be amazed at its many benefits. This particular lifter is used with great success in many industries, including production, manufacturing, and agriculture. In fact, it has changed the way many businesses work and approach their workload each day. With an improved workflow, your team will be able to get more done and that means positive things for your company’s bottom line. It also contributes to your employee job satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the greatest advantages to having the right material handling equipment is that large loads can be be moved quickly and easily and with minimal effort. Your workforce can get more work done this way and and improved productivity is good for your business. There are also other benefits, such as fewer work-related aches, pains and injuries, and it also means less downtime.


Take Your Company’s Productivity to the Next Level with Hydraulic Pallet Trucks

We stock a variety of hydraulic pallet jacks for you to choose from. It is important to choose one that has the handling and lifting capacity that you require. It is never advised to overload a jack, or any item of equipment, for that matter. At Caslad we stock a range of hydraulic pallet trucks that vary in loading capacity up to 2500 kg. The unit is very sturdily constructed, which means that it will perform exceptionally well in just about any working environment for a long time. The pump, which is a vital element of the unit’s functionality, is highly reliable and will offer reliable service even under high loads and in continuous use. The standard unit comes with a fork length of 1220 mm and a width of 685 mm. We also provide units with a fork length of 1066 mm and a width of 540 mm. The standard lift height is 200 mm. Imagine just how much more you could get done with one of these units on your team!

A hydraulic pallet truck is not the only type of lifting and handling equipment that is available on the market. At Caslad, the range of handling equipment we offer is among the best-handling in their class and it has been designed to be used in a multitude of industries. We have many years of experience in the industry and so have become familiar with the challenges our clients face every day. As such, we can offer just the right equipment to you and by doing so, we can help your business to boost productivity, streamline its daily functions, and maximise your profitability. Who would have thought just a few pieces of equipment could do all that?

We are dedicated to product and service excellence. You can have complete peace of mind that any equipment that we recommend to you will fare well in your industry and be able to carry the load. Relieving your workforce of some of their burdens and ensuring that more can be done in the same time is our aim and we can do that with our hydraulic pallet trucks and range of other material-handling equipment items that we stock.

If you would like to find out more about our range of hydraulic pallet trucks or to receive a quotation, simply get in touch with us at Caslad. We are available via email and telephone. Alternatively, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.