Keep Belongings Safe with Steel Lockers

Back in medieval times, steel was used to forge armour and weapons for the knights and warriors of the time. Although the concept of hand-to-hand combat has since been dissolved, the concept of using steel as a protective mechanism still remains viable to this day. In the 1960s and 1970s, American cars were made with steel frames and chassis, to ensure that the integrity of the car stays solid with rough impacts, protecting the car from folding in on itself and hurting any passenger inside.

Luckily, the technology has since evolved into much safer options, but steel has not been cast away into the pages of history just yet. With incredible durability and strength, steel has always had a home in the construction industry, with various applications and implementations in almost any form of construction. One incredible use of this metal is in manufacturing steel lockers.

Steel lockers are the ideal option for keeping your belongings safe and secure, as well as keeping the integrity of the locker intact, in order to avoid any collapse and destruction of the locker content. This is where CasLad offers a range of steel lockers that will not only give you various options to choose from, but also continue the legacy of steel implementation in the modern age. Below, we will have a comprehensive look at our range of steel lockers, and how they can be used in a plethora of environments. They can protect your belongings, and give you a viable storage solution for your work environment.


The Advantages of Steel Lockers

Attending high school gave many people the opportunity to have a steel locker at their disposal. You could store books, technical drawing boards, instruments, and almost anything you did not want to carry around with you throughout the school day. When entering the work environment, especially within the industrial sector, steel storage lockers are a common sight. They give employees a safe place to store their personal items, while on the job.

Steel lockers can also be found at various gyms, allowing members to safely store their mobile devices, wallets, and other valuables that might get in the way of their workout. It is clear to see why steel lockers are very popular and useful. If you are looking for a supplier that can provide steel lockers for your work environment, CasLad has exactly what you need.

Starting with our L005 model, we offer a single-door locker that stands 1800mm tall, is 300mm wide, and 450mm deep. It gives the user more than enough room to store almost anything that can fit within the space. The locker features a powder-coated finish, and can easily be stacked next to one another to fill an empty wall.

We also offer the L010, which has the same dimensions as the L005, but is horizontally split, with two separate doors for each compartment. The L012 model builds on the L005, splitting the locker into three separate compartments, each with their own locker door, to allow for a more functional approach for high schools and gyms, where more people will need to store personal belongings.

Finally, our L015 steel locker is divided into four separate compartments. There is a locker door for each compartment, Making it viable for high-levels of usage within smaller spaces.

As a result, our selection of steel lockers can not only be stacked next to each other, as they provide the same dimensions across the board, but they can also be ordered to fit your specific preferences, whether you need lockers for 50 employees or 1000 students. With a powder coating covering the outside of these lockers, the durability and integrity will remain solid for years to come. The single units are easily replaceable. Various arrangements can be made when using more than a single model in our range.

CasLad offers a wide variety of solutions for the industrial and commercial market, including our selection of steel lockers that can be ideal for the work environment, schools, gyms, and almost any other place where people need a viable storage solution for personal belongings. If you want more details on our selection of steel lockers, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.