Ladder Manufacturer in Cape Town

Ladders represent a simple, yet brilliant, concept for reaching high places by offering a frame, usually made from steel or aluminium, with step pegs to climb, so you can reach the desired height. Ladders are implemented within the commercial and industrial sectors to assist people in their daily work routines, granting access to places that would otherwise be out of reach.

As a direct result of the functionality of a ladder, various designs and styles have seen the light of day, and are available for purchase. This is where CasLad comes into play. If you are looking for a ladder manufacturer in Cape Town that can deliver the exact type of ladder you need to get the job done, CasLad offers a variety of designs and ranges to choose from.

Using aluminium and fibreglass as our materials of choice, our ladders are not only lightweight in design, but also durable and strong. This gives you a viable piece of equipment that can be implemented whenever you need to reach high places. Today, we will have a closer look at our commercial ladder ranges that are ideal for a retailer work environment where ladders can be useful to gain access to high storage racks and grant stability when stacking high shelves.


Commercial Ladder Ranges

As a ladder manufacturer in Cape Town, our comprehensive selection of ladders includes almost any style for industrial and commercial application. Starting with our aluminium commercial range, we have the CE range of extension ladders, which offers a wide range of applications through versatile functionality. The CE range has a safe workload of 115 kg. This allows one person to easily mount, climb, and stand on the ladder while working at height.

This range features a D-style rung that eliminates frame twisting, giving you optimal stability while on the ladder, and reducing the chances of a collapse due to a twisting frame. Rubber non-slip foot pegs will keep you in position while stationary, and provide the grip you need to confidently climb this ladder and complete various tasks at height without running the risk of slipping on a peg in the process. This range features a choice between seven models, starting at the CE 420. This model offers a 2,4 m ladder that is capable of extending to 4,2 m. The range also includes the CE 900, which is 4,8 m long, and can extend to 9 m.

Our next range brings us to the LFG-PU range, featuring medium-duty fibreglass extension ladders for commercial use. The design allows for push-up extension, making it easier to extend and retract the ladder while mounted. Due to the fibreglass frame, the LFG-PU range offers a non-conductive ladder that can also be implemented for electrical applications, making this range versatile, and a viable option for various work environments.

The design features box rungs and rubber non-slip foot pegs to ensure that you have grip and stability while mounted on this ladder. With a safe workload of 115 kg, it allows one person to easily climb and stand on the ladder without any complications. This range offers a selection of five models, starting with the LFG 540. This ladder has a base length of 3 m, and can extend to 5,4 m. The longest model in the range is the LFG 900.

This ladder has a 4,8 m base length, and is capable of extending to 9 m overall to give you a ladder that can reach almost anywhere you need to go, whether it is above or under ground level. Both the CE and LFG-PU ranges offer viable and versatile functionality and implementation, giving you a comprehensive selection of commercial-duty ladders from a quality ladder manufacturer in Cape Town. Our industrial ranges also feature aluminium and fibreglass models to choose from, with a variety of styles and designs to ensure that you can get the ideal ladder for your specific working needs.

CasLad is a ladder manufacturer in Cape Town that offers a variety of industrial and commercial aluminium and fibreglass ladder models to choose from. We also offer a wide variety of other products that might peak your interest, including castor wheels, storage equipment, and conveyors to choose from. For more information, feel free to peruse our site for details and images of our products, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose CasLad as your ladder manufacturer in Cape Town, and take advantage of a wide selection of equipment for your specific work environment.