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Ladders from Top Manufacturers in South Africa

Ladders offer a simple solution to a common problem for humans: reaching high places. Some of us are tall enough to easily get to where we need to reach without any hassle, while others are completely aware of the vertical challenges they have to face when reaching for the top shelf in the grocery store. Although these instances do not justify the use of a ladder, it showcases the issue that ladders can help us reach higher than ever before. They allow us to climb on top of rooftops, access underground tunnels safely, and have viable tools to keep us at certain heights without taking big risks.

Various ladder manufacturers have come up with clever and innovative designs. There are a variety of ladders available in today’s market that fit different professions, and also provide versatility and easy-to-use concepts for effective transport and application. When it comes to utility maintenance, whether it is the electric pole next to the street or the sewage drain down the road, various ladders are used to ensure that the job is executed with optimised levels of safety and stability, while working at height or down below.

Various materials are also used when manufacturing ladders, with aluminium, stainless steel, and rubber in the mix to guarantee strength and grip for those using the ladders. As a result, the world of ladders will keep on evolving and producing more viable models, as nothing is perfect, and every concept can be improved. As a ladder manufacturer, CasLad offers a variety of models to choose from, whether you want a simple mobile ladder for home use, or an aluminium frame ladder for work.

Below, we will have a closer look at the mobile ladder category, giving you a comprehensive idea of what to expect when it comes to smaller and more accessible ladders for home use.


CasLad’s Range of Mobile Ladders

As a ladder manufacturer, CasLad offers four unique mobile ladders for sale, starting with the most basic of them all: the kick stool. At first glance, the concept looks too simplistic to be put into mass production, as most household chairs can be used as a kick stool in the house, but this kick stool offers more than meets the eye. This kick stool offers a two-step general purpose mobile unit, which is ideal for reaching top shelves in the kitchen, or picking fruit from the high branches of a tree.

With spring-loaded castors, and non-slip rubber pads on the platforms, the kick stool will be your reliable reaching tool at home. It features a powder-coated finish to give it that rugged look and feel. We also offer the mobile safety ladder, complete with a stable frame and steps that are easy to stand on. Ideal for stock picking, racking, and shelving purposes, the mobile safety ladder offers a safe platform for working at height, without any hassle.

Full-safety handrailing and lockable castors ensure that the frame stays stable. It has an incredible tread width of 600 mm, and a total base width of 950 mm to give you more than enough space to easily stand and move around. This ladder’s safe workload capacity reaches a maximum of 200 kg, which is enough for two adults to easily operate on this mobile ladder, without putting the frame off balance.

If you are looking for a mobile ladder aimed at the industrial sector, our Ladderstage model offers a ladder frame that is ideal for industrial use. Featuring a 2-m mobile aluminium access platform that has 900 mm of vertical movement, you can easily reach and work at heights within warehouses, storage facilities, and similar environments.

The Ladderstage has a maximum reach height of up to 4 m, with lockable castor wheels to ensure that the frame does not move while you are working, and a maximum load capacity that can easily handle two adults with tools and accessories. It delivers a stunning choice in versatility regarding mobile ladders that can be used by more than one person simultaneously.

CasLad is a ladder manufacturer that produces various ladder models for a plethora of uses. For more information on our range of mobile ladders for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose CasLad as your trusty ladder manufacturer, and always have a viable option when working at height.