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A Comprehensive Ladder Supplier

The concept of a ladder is simplistic, providing a viable method for someone to reach places that would otherwise be unreachable, whether it is underground or elevated above. Therefore, ladders need to have strong structural integrity to ensure that the person climbing the frame does not run the risk of being seriously injured due to the ladder breaking or becoming unstable while someone is mounted on the frame.

As a ladder supplier, CasLad provides a wide selection of ladders to fit your preferences, implementing aluminium and fibreglass to create our ladders in order to provide optimal levels of durability and strength for industrial and commercial use. Ladders also come in various shapes and designs for various applications, and at CasLad, you can expect to find a selection of designs as well.

Our selection does not only cater for specific applications within the industrial and commercial sectors, but can also be implemented at home to make chores in and around the house much easier with quality equipment to your disposal. We also feature a range of mobile ladders that are ideal for residential use, with a Ladderstage model to make life easy when painting high walls or installing wall-mounted appliances and utilities around the house.

Today, we will cover our range of ladders to give you a comprehensive idea of what to expect from CasLad as a ladder supplier for your business or personal needs.


CasLad is a Supplier of Aluminium and Fibreglass Ladders

Starting with our LAS range, we present an industrial, heavy-duty A-frame aluminium stepladder that is ideal for various heavy-duty and all-round implementation. These ladders feature a safe working load of 135 kg, which is ideal for a single person and their set of tools. The heavy-duty riveted steps feature a wide tread and rubber non-slip surfaces to not only provide robust and sturdy steps, but also optimise safety while mounted on the frame of the ladder, giving you the peace of mind that the ladder will not fail under you while working.

The LAS range offers ten sizes, starting with the LAS 3, which has three steps, as the name implies, and a total ladder length of 0,9 m. The range scales towards the LAS 16, with an overall length of 4,8 m, and a total of 16 steps to deliver a ladder that is strong, sturdy, and durable to handle the tough industrial environment with ease.

Our LASD range also features a heavy-duty aluminium stepladder design, with the addition of a second side to make it a double-sided ladder for the industrial work environment. Available in five different sizes, starting at the LASD 4, which has an overall length of 1,2 m, and scaling to the LASD 12 that features an overall length of 3,6 m. The LASD range has all the benefits of the LAS range with an added double-sided design to allow another person to assist, or for another angle to work from.

For the commercial sector, we are a supplier of our CE range, which features an aluminium commercial extension ladder design to grant an ideal option for commercial implementation. This industrial-duty extension ladder is strong and durable in design, with a safe working load of 115 kg to make it ideal for a single person and some products to be mounted on this ladder. The ladder also features a D-style rung to eliminate any frame twisting while mounted on the frame, with rubber non-slip foot pegs to keep you stable and secure while mounted.

The CE range offers seven different sizes, starting with the CE 420 that features a base length of 2,4 m, and can extend to a total of 4,2 m, as the name suggests. This range scales to the CE 900, with a base length of 4,8 m and that is able to extend to 9 m for a ladder that grants incredible reach. These are only a few of the options available at CasLad, underlining our comprehensive selection as a ladder supplier to ensure that you can have the ideal ladder for your work environment, which provides durability and safety for you to take full advantage of.

CasLad is more than just a ladder supplier. We offer a range of other products for the commercial and industrial market to choose from. For more information on our ladders and other products, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose CasLad today, and let us provide what you need for your industrial or commercial work environment.