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Ladders come in a variety of lengths and sizes. They are useful tools for the larger industrial and commercial markets. Every household has a ladder as well for roof access and other applications. As a ladder supplier, CasLad understand the specific requirements needed for both commercial and industrial businesses. Therefore, we offer a spectrum of ladders to ensure that you can get the ideal one for your daily applications. Whether it is determined by length, carry capacity, or the material used to make it, you are bound to find the perfect combination at CasLad.


LaddersWe use aluminium and fibreglass to manufacturer our selection of ladders. As a supplier, we offer both sturdy and non-conductive versions to choose from. We also offer a selection of ranges that are designed for specific applications. Ladders are ideal for working at height or gaining access to underground areas. Therefore, it is pivotal to find the precise match for your designated applications. Today, we will go through our selection of ranges, highlighting the benefits and applications of our ladders.


CasLad’s Selection of Ladders


As a ladder supplier, CasLad is focused on delivering a spectrum of choices for our customers. Starting at our LAS range, we offer an industrial heavy-duty A-frame aluminium stepladder that is designed for working at height. A-frame ladders feature a double frame that kicks out to offer support for the mountable side with steps. Sometimes, these A-frames will feature steps on both sides of the frame as well. The LAS range is designed for heavy-duty applications and has a safe working load of 135 kg. It features heavy-duty riveted steps with wide treads and rubber non-slip foot pegs to ensure stability when mounted.


We also supply extension ladders, which delivers a different approach in comparison to an A-frame. An extension ladder also has multiple frames. Instead of leaning onto each other, these frames extend to add length to the ladder and allow for further reach. Therefore, an extension ladder is ideal for underground or above-ground reaching. Our CE range offers a commercial aluminium extension ladder that can handle a safe working load of 115 kg. It features a D-style rung to eliminate any frame twisting while mounted, as well as rubber non-slip foot pegs to keep the ladder from slipping.


For a more simplistic approach, CasLad supplies single-frame ladders as well. These ladders do not have any extra functionality apart from being a frame that is mountable. In some cases, keeping it simple is the best approach for success. Our CSL range delivers simplicity with an industrial single-frame aluminium ladder. This lean-to ladder can handle a safe working load of 115 kg, with a D-style run to avoid the frame from twisting while mounted. The lightweight frame also features rubber non-slip foot pegs to grant optimal stability. Therefore, you can be assured that the frame will not slip out underneath you.


Being a ladder supplier, we need to cover all bases regarding different shapes, styles, and lengths. Having covered most of our aluminium ladder options, we move to our fibreglass options. These ladders are specifically manufactured using fibreglass to grant them electric current resistance. As a result, they are ideal for electrical applications, especially when working at height. Our FG extension range features a fibreglass heavy-duty extension ladder that delivers on every aspect of an industrial ladder. The frame can handle 135 kg of total safe work load. It also features a D-style rung to keep the frame from twisting while carrying weight.


CasLad is your one-stop ladder supplier where you can find a wide selection of aluminium and fibreglass ladders to suit your requirements. For more information on our selection, please browse our website for images and specifications. Choose CasLad as your ladder supplier today and get the ideal ladder for your daily applications.