Ladder Supplier

We Are A Ladder Supplier

Ladders are some of the most basic and effective ways to reach spots at height or down below. The concept is that of a basic frame that normally consists of two vertical beams that are connected by several horizontal rungs. The rungs serve as the steps on which to climb the frame, with the length of the vertical beams determining the reach of the frame. We take this basic principle and supply innovative and durable products for your business. Because we are a major supplier, we offer a large range as well.

We use top-end materials to manufacture our ladders. Both aluminium and fibreglass have been tried and tested over the decades, being some of the most versatile and resilient materials for manufacturing and fabricating a huge range of products. These materials are used to manufacture a host of everyday items, from vehicles and professional sports equipment to a wide range of devices and appliances. We are a supplier of a sensible selection of different frames made of these materials. Aluminium is a malleable metal that is light and strong. Fibreglass is a composite with similar properties but does not conduct electricity, unlike aluminium.


Our Selection of Ladders

As a ladder supplier, we ensure that you will be able to find the right frame for your daily operations. Whether it is for commercial or industrial duty, we offer various styles that are made from either fibreglass or aluminium. Our CSL range offers a single aluminium frame for a straightforward, uncomplicated solution. Being made of aluminium, it is light and easy to handle.

An A-frame ladder makes use of two single frames and joins them at the top to create a stand-alone frame that does not have to be propped up against a structure but can stand by itself. We supply several A-frame options, starting at the LAS range. This range features an aluminium single-sided A-frame that is ideal for industrial applications. We also offer the LASD range; this is a double-sided A-frame that two people can mount from different sides at the same time. This is very effective for teams working at height. However, if you want a fibreglass A-frame that does not conduct electricity for hazardous electrical work, the FGS range is your answer.

The FGS range may look like any ordinary A-frame but this fibreglass industrial-duty frame is your answer for working at height with electrical applications in mind. It greatly reduces the risk of electrocution. The FGS-ALL range removes even those aluminium parts that are still present in the FGS range to deliver a wholly fibreglass frame for industrial purposes. We are also a supplier of a wide range of extension ladders that can increase their overall reach by extending, yet offer a compact transportation solution.

CasLad is your supplier of ladders and castor wheels for industrial and commercial applications. Our selection of aluminium and fibreglass frames are available in single, A-frame, and extension options to ensure that you can find the right one for your needs. Please browse our website for detailed information on our available frames. Let us boost your reach with a quality frame that you can trust in daily use.