Ladder Supplier

Chat to Your Local Ladder Supplier About the Right Type of Ladder for You

If you are looking for a ladder supplier near you, you have come to the right place. We present an extensive range of stationary and mobile ladders to the market.

Our catalogue includes the following types of ladders:

  • Industrial A-frame ladders (fibreglass and aluminium);
  • Industrial double-sided ladders (aluminium);
  • Commercial extension ladders (fibreglass and aluminium);
  • Industrial single ladders (aluminium);
  • Commercial multiform ladders (aluminium);
  • Heavy duty extension ladders (fibreglass and aluminium);
  • Mobile safety ladders;
  • Mobile tower ladders;
  • Mobile ladder stages.

Knowing the difference between the various types of ladders and their intended purposes can be hard. Ensuring that you select the right ladder for the intended task is vitally important in terms of efficiency and, of course, worker safety. Selecting the wrong ladder can result in serious injury and even worse, death. By consulting with your local ladder supplier, you should be able to select a ladder that best suits your industry and the types of tasks that your workers will be carrying out. It is also important to educate your workforce on safe ladder use and demonstrate the features and characteristics of each ladder.

Helping our customers choose the right ladder is an important part of our business. Here is how it is done:

  • First, select the style of ladder required.
  • Select the correct height depending on the heights that your work force usually work at.
  • Determine how much weight the ladder must support, selecting according to its load capacity (duty) rating.
  • Select the material based on where and how the ladder will be used. Consider if the ladder will be used at electrical wiring or be exposed to hazardous chemicals and products.

There is a vast variety of ladder in different styles, sizes, materials, and duty ratings and it is best to take your time to select the right one carefully. The process of buying a ladder requires more than just finding a reliable and affordable supplier. To help you to make the right decision, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before making a selection and purchase:

  • In what type of environment will the ladder be use? Is it intended for indoor use or outdoor use? In some instances, ladders are required to be well suited to both environments.
  • What type of jobs will be carried out with the ladder? This is quite important; for instance, a ladder used for painting or loading items on shelving in a storeroom will need different safety features than a ladder that is used for electrical jobs.
  • What sort of weights will the ladder need to support? Each ladder has a load-bearing capacity and if you overload it, chances are that serious injury might occur.
  • Around what sort of obstacles will you use the ladder? This will determine its design. Will you need to fit it into a narrow space? In that case, a bulky A-frame ladder might not be the best choice. Do you have to work at heights over a large area? Here, a ladder stage might be a better option than a single ladder.
  • Does your team need to use the ladder to work at extreme heights variations? These ladders need various types of securing features to ensure that they do snot slip or fall over. Some ladders come with impressive extensions too, so that you can adjust the height of the ladder as needed.

At Caslad, we are a ladder supplier that is always available to discuss our range and its features. We welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone to discuss your specific requirements and so that we can suggest and recommend ladder ranges that suit your needs and budget.