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Ladders are constructed from many different materials, and each type of material offers its own advantages and benefits. When choosing the type of ladder to work with, you need to consider its use and application. Choose the ladder that will perform best in the application you are involved in. Aluminium ladders, in particular, are popular in South Africa because of their excellent features.

At CasLad, we are proud of our status as one of the leading ladder suppliers in South Africa. We manufacture an extensive range of quality ladders, including units manufactured using the best quality aluminium available on the market. There are many reasons behind the popularity of our aluminium ladders, including their resistance to South Africa’s eclectic climate conditions.

These ladders will not rust when exposed to wet or damp conditions. Because they are not of a ferric metal such as iron, they can perform well in wet or damp conditions. Aluminium is also resistant to rust, which just further boosts its appeal in the marketplace. Invest in great quality aluminium ladders from South Africa’s leading ladder supplier for less.


More Reasons Behind Aluminium Ladders’ Popularity

Another reason behind their popularity is their weight. When operating in the construction industry, it is often necessary to carry a ladder around to different locations, including long distances and upstairs. This is where the advantage of having a lightweight ladder comes in. Where wood or fibreglass ladders tend to be cumbersome, heavy and bulky, especially when carrying them, aluminium ladders are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

One of the most popular qualities of aluminium ladders is that they are particularly flame resistant. This also makes it a popular ladder among fire departments throughout South Africa. These ladders resist flames much better than other ladders, and last for years to come. Timber ladders tend to deteriorate from normal wear and tear, and moisture much faster than their aluminium counterpart.

Aluminium ladders do not need any type of maintenance. You don’t need to do anything else during its lifespan after purchasing one of these ladders. However, all ladders need to be inspected frequently for safety reasons, but you don’t need to varnish these ladders, as you would with timber units in order to maintain their longevity. These are only a few of the many reasons why people choose to buy CasLad aluminium ladders.


Buy Ladders from CasLad – South Africa’s Leading Supplier of Quality Ladders

Our team behind CasLad has designed an extensive range of quality aluminium ladders to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Throughout the years, we have learned a lot about the needs and demands that face our clients. We use this insight into the industry to develop and design the best quality ladders available on the market, to address these requirements in a relevant way.

We also harness the power of our large buying power to keep our products competitively priced, in order to allow for maximum market penetration and to ensure that companies and individuals from all sectors of the economy can access our products. There are various ranges of the CasLad ladder fit for specific uses and applications.


Quality Aluminium Ladders Available from CasLad

Our Industrial Heavy Duty A-Frame Aluminium Stepladder is designed to endure heavy-duty industrial use. It offers a safe working load of 135 kilograms, and comes with heavy-duty riveted steps. Wide tread steps and rubber, non-slip feet make it an even more appealing option for use in industrial applications.

Our range of Heavy Duty Double-Sided Aluminium Stepladder provides extra heavy-duty use and a safe working load of 135 kilograms. Its rubber, non-slip feet and wide tread steps on both sides make it ideal for use in industrial or construction settings, and it is sure to outperform any of its competitors. These are only a few of the many ladders that CasLad supplies to our valued customers on a daily basis.

We are proud of our long history of service in the industry, and continue to work hard to lead our sector forward in innovation and excellence. As an industry-leading ladder supplier, we know what our clients need and we go the extra mile to deliver. Contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail, and look forward to benefit from our years of industry experience and excellence.