Ladders Cape Town

Reaching New Heights with Ladders in Cape Town

When it comes to useful and simplistic designs, ladders are at the top of the list, delivering a mountable and climbable frame to reach heights or depths that would otherwise be impossible to reach on your own. With the use of aluminium and fibreglass, modern ladders offer stability and durability. This helps prevent ladders from breaking or twisting their frames when someone is using it.

CasLad does not only sell ladders in Cape Town, but also manufactures them to give you quality equipment for daily use. Our range of ladders include commercial- and industrial-duty models, with a variety of designs to fit your preferences, including single, extension, and A-frame designs to choose from.

We use aluminium and fibreglass as our go-to materials, due to the properties of these materials when using them to build the frames, as these materials have proven to be quite effective for fabrication and manufacturing. Modern supercars are built with aluminium and fibreglass, as they offer lightweight and durable qualities to make them ideal for optimising stability and handling, without having to compromise on strength.

As a result, aluminium and fibreglass can be very useful when used to construct ladders, as an aluminium ladder frame will offer strength and viability within indoor applications, and a fibreglass ladder frame will protect you from electricity, making them viable for outdoor use in general. Today, we will have a closer look at CasLad’s range of ladders for sale in Cape Town.


Our Range of Ladders

Cape Town offers a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments, with a plethora of businesses and companies taking full advantage of this tourist-friendly city. Our range of ladders kicks off with the CSL range, offering an aluminium industrial single ladder design. The CSL range offers a lightweight solution to single industrial ladders, with a safe working capacity of 115 kg, which allows one person to mount and work at height with ease.

A D-style rung eliminates frame twisting while mounted, with rubber non-slip foot pegs to keep you from slipping. The range includes five models, starting with the CSL 10 that features a 3 m ladder with ten steps. This range scales to the CSL 20, offering a 6 m ladder with 20 steps. Moving on, we offer the LASD range, offering an aluminium industrial double-sided ladder for more stability. This range offers a heavy-duty, double-sided step ladder with a safe load capacity of 135 kg. It allows two people to mount and work at height.

With wide tread steps on both sides that offer rubber non-slip surfaces, you can be assured that this ladder range will provide optimal stability when mounted, and keep you from slipping on its steps. The LASD range offers five models, starting with the LASD 4, which is 1,2 m long, and features four steps on either side. The range includes the LASD 12, which gives you a double-sided ladder that is 3,6 m long and has 12 steps on either side.

Our range of ladders does not stop here, as we also offer various aluminium and fibreglass ladder ranges to choose from. Our extension ladder ranges are ideal for having access to ladders that are small enough to transport, and can extend to incredible lengths to grant access to various unreachable locations, while our A-frame ladder ranges are ideal for optimising stability within an industrial work environment, removing the risk of a single ladder slipping from underneath you, and providing more space to accommodate a second person on the ladder as well.

CasLad supplies a wide variety of ladders in Cape Town, as well as a comprehensive selection of other industrial and commercial equipment to choose from. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images on our Ladders and other equipment for sale in Cape Town, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose CasLad today, and experience quality equipment for your specific work environment.