Ladders Durban

Commercial and Industrial Ladder Suppliers in Durban

Durban is home to a large variety of industrial operations in South Africa. Ladders are commonly used equipment in the industrial and commercial spaces and we manufacture them using quality materials to give you high-quality tools for your business. There are many frame designs that cater to specific needs. A single-frame design is the most basic design from which the other types are adapted. We offer single frames and most of the variations on the theme, resulting in an extensive selection. And we have just opened a brand-new branch for our customers in Durban.

Aluminium is a malleable metal that is particularly strong, considering its light weight. It is easily cast into different shapes and sizes to create parts, tools, and components. Its remarkable combination of lightness and toughness makes it ideal for fabrication purposes. Therefore, many high-end vehicles feature aluminium body panels and parts to keep their weight to a minimum without compromising their structural integrity. Fibreglass is also a commonly used material that delivers similar properties to aluminium. The biggest difference is that fibreglass is not a metal, so it does not conduct electricity. If you need a supplier of ladders in Durban, we are your first choice.


Our Selection of Ladders

Starting with a simple and basic frame design, we present our CSL range. This range offers an industrial single-frame aluminium ladder that is lightweight and easy to handle. It has a safe workload of 115 kg, allowing an adult with their toolbox to mount it. A D-style rung is also used on this frame to reduce the chances of the frame twisting while mounted. It features rubber, non-slip foot pegs to keep the frame in place when it leans against a vertical surface. This frame is available in five sizes. It is also ideal for working in Durban, thanks to its corrosion resistance.

Our HDE range offers an aluminium heavy-duty extension ladder that is built for industrial applications. This range offers double- and triple-extension options to give you all the reach you need. Extension frames feature multiple single frames in one, with the ability to separate the frames on a linear plane to extend the overall reach. This range of frames features a rope and pulley to allow for extension. It also has heavy-duty D-style rungs to keep the frame from twisting while extended and mounted. It has a safe workload of 135 kg, which is very handy for carrying tools and equipment up with you while mounted. If you need an option that can handle heavy-duty applications, the HDE range is an ideal candidate.

Fibreglass ladders are better options for people that work with electricity. Our FGS range offers a fibreglass, industrial, A-frame design and, being fibreglass, there are no worries about corrosion from the ocean in coastal cities like Durban, which makes it an even better option for such corrosive environments. It is available in seven sizes and can handle a total load of 135 kg. The non-slip rubber foot pegs will keep the frame in check while mounted. Since it is an A-frame, it is available in single- or double-sided configurations.

CasLad is your supplier of ladders, castor wheels, and other industrial equipment – now also in Durban. We manufacture most of our own products, with solutions available in terms of conveyors and scaffolding as well. If your business needs lockers and cabinets for document storage, we can assist on that front too. We also offer racking and shelving solutions for industrial applications. For more on how we can supply your business with quality equipment, please browse our website for images and specifications on our available products and solutions. Choose CasLad today and enjoy a wide variety of useful equipment for your business.