Ladders for Sale in Cape Town

We Manufacture and Sell Ladders from Cape Town to Gauteng

Ladders are some of the most commonly used equipment on worksites. Different frames have different uses, with the single frame being the simplest. Most households have a single frame in the garage for basic uses such as access to the roof of the house. Large commercial retailers also use single frames for access to high shelves and storage areas. Maintenance for underground sewage and overhead electricity poles are also done using single frames. We offer a variety of frames for sale to businesses in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa.

Our selection of ladders is split into commercial and industrial frames. We use mainly two materials to manufacture our frames; these are aluminium and fibreglass. Aluminium is a very strong and versatile metal that is malleable, making it easy to mould into different shapes. It is one of the lightest and strongest metals, which is why it is also used in the manufacturing of mobile phones and supercars. Fibreglass is also very light, strong, and versatile. We offer frames for sale that are manufactured from both these materials. A city like Cape Town can experience four seasons in one day, so this equipment must be weather-resistant as well.


Our Selection of Ladders

Single-frame ladders are useful in many environments. We offer industrial frames for sale in a variety of sizes. Our CSL range is of a lean-to design and is manufactured from aluminium for optimal sturdiness. The frames in this range have a safe load capacity of 115 kg. They also feature a D-style rung to keep the frame from twisting while mounted. Since the frame is made from aluminium, it is lightweight yet strong. The foot pegs also feature rubber feet to keep the frame from slipping out from underneath you while you are on it.

The extension frame is an enhanced variation of the single-frame ladder, offering extra reach from a compact frame. We have a large selection of aluminium and fibreglass extension frames for sale as well. Our HDE range has a heavy-duty aluminium extension frame that could be just what your business in Cape Town needs. This range is available in double- or triple-extension lengths. The frames have a rope and pulley to extend their reach and box rungs to keep them from twisting while mounted. They have a safe load-capacity rating of 135 kg to ensure that you can bring your tools along.

Cape Town is at the ocean, which means rust. Our fibreglass FG extension range is an ideal solution, also if you want an extension ladder that cannot conduct electricity through the frame. This fibreglass heavy-duty extension frame features D-style aluminium rungs to keep the frame straight. Some frames in this range are also available with swivel safety feet, V-rollers, and safety chains. The safe workload is rated at 135 kg, so you can take your toolbox up with you when mounting the frame.

We also offer A-frames for sale in Cape Town. These ladder frames combine the functionality of a single frame but with the ability to stand on its own. Our LAS range has an aluminium A-frame design that is ideal for industrial applications. The LASD ladders build on the LAS range, offering a double-sided version of the LAS to be mounted by two people at the same time. The FGS range delivers a fibreglass alternative with industrial-duty applications in mind.

CasLad manufactures a wide variety of ladders that are for sale in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. For more information on the available frame lengths of our different ranges, please browse our website for details. Choose us as your supplier of ladders and castor wheels in Cape Town today.