Ladders for Sale

Ladders for Sale in South Africa

Ladders are some of the handiest tools for commercial and industrial use, whether it is to reach the top shelf in a retailer, or gain access to the top of an electricity pole for maintenance. Ladders have their place at home as well, serving as useful tools for gaining access to the roof, for example. When it comes to manufacturing ladders in South Africa, CasLad offers a wide variety of options that are ideal for the commercial and industrial sectors, with various designs to ensure that you can get the ideal ladder for your work environment.

Our range of ladders for sale also includes mobile ladders that provide helpful solutions for mobile safety ladders, tower ladders, and ladder stages. By using some of the lightest and strongest materials to manufacture our ladders, you can be assured that our selection offers high-quality models that will withstand the test of time, and deliver safe and versatile applications for your work environment.

Aluminium and fibreglass have both been proven to be effective to a point where these materials have been used for the past couple of decades to fabricate body parts for race cars and high-performance vehicles, as well as in a plethora of industrialised tools to deliver non-conducting tools by using fibreglass and stronger metallic tools by using aluminium.

As a result, these materials offer viable solutions for fabrication, including ladders, to deliver structural integrity without adding unnecessary weight on top. Today, we will cover some of our aluminium and fibreglass options for sale that can improve your daily work routine by delivering a strong and dependable ladder that will not collapse under your feet.


Aluminium and Fibreglass Ladders for Sale

Ladders are available in different designs and setups to match their specific use. One of the more popular ladder choices for reaching high above or far down below brings us to the extension ladder range. Extension ladders offer a viable solution for compact transportation and far reach by extending the ladder’s overall length, making them ideal for heavy-duty implementation.

Starting with our HDE range, we offer an aluminium heavy-duty extension ladder range that implements a rope and pulley to enable ladder extension functionality. This ladder features box rungs for optimal stability while mounted, and rubber non-slip feet ensure that you have enough grip on the foot pegs. It also has a safe working load of 135 kg, which allows a single person and their toolkit to safely work at height on this extension ladder.

Offering double and triple extension models to choose from, the HDE range features a total of 11 size options to suit your needs, starting with our double extension options. The HDE 900 features a base length of 4,8 m, and can extend to a maximum length of 9,1 m, with the double extension selection scaling to the HDE 1410, which has a base length of 7,5 m, and can extend to 14,1 m as the name suggests.

Our triple extension selection starts with the HDTE 1650. It features a base length of 6,3 m, and is able to extend to 16,5 m in total, scaling towards the HDTE 2010 that has a base length of 7,5 m, and can extend to 20,1 m in total. Should you be looking for non-conductive extension ladders for sale, our FG extension range offers a fibreglass heavy-duty extension ladder that is ideal for electrical applications, resisting electric currents by implementing fibreglass to manufacture this ladder range. D-shaped aluminium rungs are implemented to optimise stability and safety while mounted, with some models offering swivel safety foot pegs, V-rollers, and safety chains to further enhance stability and safety.

This ladder range has a safe working load of 135 kg, with 7 sizes to choose from in this range, starting at the FG211-2. This ladder has a base length of 3,3, m, and can extend to a total length of 5,7 m. Scaling to the largest ladder in the range, the FG223-2 features a base length of 6,9 m, and can extend to a total length of 12,3 m for a viable non-conductive extension ladder option.

CasLad offers a wide range of products, including our range of ladders for sale, to ensure that you have the ideal set of equipment within your work environment. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and specifications for our ladders for sale, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose CasLad today, and let us provide the necessary tools for your business.