Choose Caslad for the Biggest and Best-Quality Range of Ladders in Cape Town

Finally decided to confront that long overdue DIY project your wife has been nagging about? While the December holidays are a great time to relax and unwind, it is also a brilliant time to get to all those small jobs around the house that you have not been able to do. Let us face it, no one really wants to spend their evenings or their precious weekends doing maintenance work around the house when they could be relaxing on the couch. From putting up pictures, painting the walls, repairing the ceiling, and cleaning gutters to pruning trees, there is no better time to get things done than the year-end holidays. But first and foremost, if you want to complete all those jobs safely and efficiently, you’re going to need the right ladder.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Ladder

For many, choosing a ladder for a project might seem as easy as A, B, C. Whatever looks tall enough to get you up there should do the trick, right? Wrong! Did you know that over 6000 people die from falling off ladders each year and that more than 30 000 people are injured? Although valuable asset to every construction site and homeowner, and an everyday tool that many people take for granted, ladders are dangerous if you are careless.

While at first glance, all ladders look similar, the truth is there are many different types of ladders that suit different jobs, which is why it is so important to choose the right one for the job. As the leading cause of deaths on both construction sites and DIY home jobs, it is of vital importance to use a ladder that is the right height and size. When it comes to ladder safety, you must be able to do your work comfortably without over-reaching up, down, or sideways. With that said, if you are on the lookout for the best range of ladders in Cape Town, you need to turn to the leading suppliers of building equipment, Caslad.


Bigger Choice and Better Value

As a leading supplier of building and construction equipment, we believe that choosing the best ladder for the job is key to getting the job done safely and efficiently. We place great emphasis on choice and quality and, whether you are looking to do some DIY jobs around the house or are carrying out construction work on a building site, our range of lightweight, sturdy ladders offer you superior quality and long-lasting durability. All our ladders feature heavy-duty, wide-tread, riveted steps and rubber non-slip feet, and we are proud to offer South African homeowners and business an exceptional range, including the following:

  • LAS industrial heavy-duty A-frame aluminium range.
  • LASD heavy-duty double-sided aluminium range.
  • CE aluminium commercial extension range.
  • CSL industrial single aluminium range.
  • HDE aluminium heavy-duty extension range.
  • CMF aluminium commercial multi-form range.
  • FGS fibreglass industrial A-frame range of single- or double-sided
  • FGS fully fibreglass industrial A-frame range.
  • LFG-PU fibreglass commercial duty extension range.
  • FG fibreglass heavy-duty extension range.

At Caslad, we work hard to ensure that we only stock the best storage, building, and construction equipment at the most competitive prices in Cape Town. Whether you are looking to use a ladder for domestic or industrial use, you will find that we supply just about every type of ladder for almost every type of job. Should you be unsure of the type of ladder you require, we can also advise you on the correct one for the job at hand. For more information on our exceptional range of ladders in Cape Town, visit us today. Our team is always standing by to assist you with exactly what you need.