Lifting Equipment Supplier in South Africa

Your Light-Duty Lifting Equipment Supplier in South Africa

There are so many ways to lift things. Forklifts are ideal for use in warehouses and storage facilities and cranes are perfect for construction purposes. Pallet jacks can be used to move around pallets. Cranes and forklifts are focused on the industrial sector, whereas pallet jacks and stackers can be used in commercial settings as well. If you are looking for a lifting equipment supplier in South Africa that delivers a large selection of light-duty lifters for your business, CasLad is the answer.

We specialise in the manufacture of ladders and castor wheels and we are also a supplier of lifting equipment to many clients in South Africa. We can be your one-stop supplier for a variety of products such as trolleys, scaffolding, and conveyors to give your business has the edge in materials handling. Lifting equipment goes far beyond just pallet jacks and electric reach stackers, so our products cover a suitably large range. Today, we will highlight some of them in this category and the benefits they can hold for your daily operations.


Basic and Simple Equipment

A very important aspect to keep in mind when buying a materials handler is to choose a type that will work in your business setting or workspace. It is also vital to remember that many people will be using them, so buying something that is easy to work with is to everyone’s benefit. As a supplier of pallet jacks and reach stackers in South Africa, we offer a sensible selection for businesses. The basic simplicity of a pallet jack makes it a popular choice for large retailers that stock household appliances but they can also be used for moving pallets around.

Our selection of pallet jacks begins with our 3-t standard hydraulic pallet jack. This piece of lifting equipment has an integrated pump that can achieve a lift height of 200 mm. The lowered height of the forks is 85 mm from the ground, making it easy to hook into pallets and lift them. The fork length on this model is 1220 mm, with a width of 160 mm. Its overall width across the lifting forks is 685 mm. Many retailers in South Africa will be able to benefit from having a 3-t pallet jack at their disposal.

Being a supplier of a vast range of lifting equipment, we offer various variants of and options on our pallet jacks. The 3-t hydraulic jack is available with polyurethane wheels as well. It also comes in a narrow version, reducing the width of the load area to 550 mm for more agile narrow-aisle operation. If you need a jack that can handle a bigger load, we offer a 5-t standard jack as well, which has a small turning radius for easy operation in confined spaces. Our range does not end there, as we also have several stainless-steel jacks to choose from.

Tried, tested, and proven to be strong and impervious to rust, stainless steel is the ideal material from which to make small lifting equipment. Our standard stainless-steel pallet jack has a load capacity of 2500 kg. The welded pump is robust and we supply this jack in a narrow version a well. South African businesses operate in all manner of harsh weather conditions that may include excess moisture and harsh sunlight. Therefore, a tough stainless-steel pallet jack is the ideal option for outdoor use.

CasLad goes beyond being a lifting equipment supplier in South Africa. We also provide an extensive selection of commercial and industrial ladders, as well as various castor wheels. For more information on our products, please browse our website for images and specifications. Choose us as your supplier of commercial and industrial equipment.