Lifting Equipment Supplier South Africa

Choosing Your Lifting Equipment Supplier in South Africa: View Our Superb Range of Products

As one of the leading lifting equipment suppliers in South Africa, we offer an exceptional range of light, commercial, and industrial-grade lifting equipment for warehouse, workshop, retail, and plant applications. We have branches in Gauteng, the Western Cape, and KZN and provide deliveries throughout South Africa. We regularly offer specials, and this sets us apart from many other suppliers in the country. With a proven track record of the supply of superior quality lifting equipment and related products, a reputation for excellence and fast turnaround on orders, we meet all the right requirements for a top supplier in South Africa.

A brief look at some of the lifting equipment forming part of our extensive product range in South Africa is provided below. It gives insight as to why so many contractors and companies prefer to make use of us as their number-one supplier of contractor, building, maintenance, and warehouse equipment in South Africa.


  • 3 Ton Standard Hydraulic Jack

This unit has a weight capacity of 3 000 kg and comes with an integrated pump. It has a lift height of 200 mm, with a lowered height at 85 mm. The fork length is 1 220 mm with a width of 160 mm. The jack comes with a steering wheel and double wheel rollers. Polyurethane wheels are available.


  • High Lift Pallet Jack

This lifting equipment has a weight capacity of 1 500 kg, a lowered height of 85 mm, and a lifting height of 800 mm. It has a fork length of 1 190 mm and fork width of 680 mm.


  • Drum Lifter Rotator

This model comes with a weight capacity of 350 kg, a lift height of 1 400 mm, and a manual rotation drum. It weighs 160 kg.


  • Manual Stacker

It has a 2 000 kg weight capacity, a lift height of 1 600 mm, a lowered height of 90 mm, and a fork length of 1 000 mm. The lifting speed is 14 mm/stroke, and the stacker has controllable lowering of speed.


  • Semi Electric Stacker

The unit has a weight capacity of 1 500 kg with the load centre at 450 mm. It has variable lift heights of 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500 mm and comes with a lowered height of 85 mm. Fork lengths are 1 000 or 1 150 mm. It has an exceptionally small turn radius at 1 360 mm, making it perfect for working in narrow aisles. The stacker comes with a lifting speed of 0,08-0,15 m/s. The battery capacity is superb, making it possible to work for 12 hours before recharging is needed.


  • Counter Balance Full Electric Stacker

The rider operator stacker has a weight capacity of 2 000 kg, with a turning radius of 1 840 mm, and travel speed of 5 km per hour. The maximum lift height is 3 000 mm, and the fork length is 1 070 mm.


  • Forklift Safety Cage

The cage comes with galvanised finishing, making it corrosion resistant. It is the perfect equipment to lift up to two workers with their tools to a safe work height. It weighs 110 kg and can safely handle a workload of 350 kg. The cage is 1 200 mm x 1 200 mm x 2 000 mm in size.


In Conclusion

We meet every requirement if you are looking for a reliable lifting equipment supplier in South Africa that offers a wide range of quality products. View our range of products and get in touch for more information on any of the products in our portfolio.