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Why You Need Steel Lockers & Cabinets for Secure Storage

As an employer, it is your duty to improve safety in the workplace, whether it has to do with the general security of the building, the way in which work gets done, or the worker belongings being protected from thieves. Happy workers who feel secure in their environment tend to stay longer and cause less trouble for your business. Secure steel lockers & cabinets prevent theft in the workplace and should be a priority in creating a safe and secure work environment.

With steel lockers & cabinets to protect the belongings of your employees and your company, you can check off one more risk on occupational health and safety list. Aside from just being a space to store valuables, steel lockers & cabinets can benefit your office in many more ways, including:

  • De-cluttering of desks and lobbies.
  • Organising files and improving productivity.
  • Creating a more sanitary and clean vicinity.
  • Keeping workers extra focussed.
  • Creating a pleasant and theft-free experience.


Allocate Personal Steel Lockers to All Employees Individually

With proper storage solutions for the belongings of employees or facility users, the employees can focus on work rather than having to be concerned about the potential loss of their valuables. This takes away some of the pressure they deal with, knowing that they won’t misplace or lose any important items they bring to the building with them.


Why Steel Lockers & Cabinets as Opposed to Conventional Cupboards?

Steel lockers & cabinets are strong and sturdy. This ensures that nothing can get vandalised or stolen by mischievous opportunity seekers. Having the appropriate storage spaces helps to improvLockers & Cabinetse productivity. The worker or even students at college can perform better when devices or items that can distract from work are placed in safe storage, in the lockable steel units.

With the double-compartment steel lockers, there is more than enough space for anything your staff members may need to store, big or small. You can also save space with the steel lockers by assigning the top part to one and the bottom to another person. However, there are units that can be used in an even tighter area, such as the four, five, or six-compartment units. It all depends on the size of the items that must be stored.


No More Coffee Spills on Expensive Equipment

Messy spaces create opportunities for disasters. Coffee spills on laptops or tablets can be disastrous. Although not intentional, the damaged property still needs to be replaced, but who pays for it? With a chaotic and cluttered workplace it isn’t always easy to pinpoint a culprit, nor do you feel like you can really blame one single person, let alone ask them to carry the costs of something they might not be able to afford. Thus, it is best if these types of situations are avoided altogether. How do you do that? With the help of cabinets and steel lockers, you can encourage a neater and less hazardous work environment.

Costs of breakage can decrease, and the risk of injuries can be reduced. Productivity is also bound to increase if the staff members don’t have to spend ten minutes finding a pen on a desk full of unnecessary items.


What About Limited Space?

If space is an issue, look into the half-cupboard we sell. It measures 90 x 90 x 45 cm. This can be used for the central storage of communal stationery or for placement in a retail environment where employees can store their purses. It doesn’t occupy a large area and features a low enough outer top shelf-like space where staplers, tape, paper clips, and other often needed things can stand. The design also facilitates the storage of other personal items.


Powder Coating Promotes a Healthier Environment

When you buy powder-coated cabinets and steel lockers, you contribute to the eco-friendly movement. In addition, you benefit from having durable cabinets & steel lockers. The powder coating serves as an added shield. This protects cabinets, cupboards, lockers, and other steel items against corrosion, weather elements, dust, and chemicals. This means the aesthetic appeal of the furniture lasts longer.

Powder finishes are also flexible in that the colour options are endless, facilitating a coherent look and feel of the office or work environment. It is also a friend to nature due to the fact that it is much less likely to release air pollutants than many other liquid finishes. There are now even anti-bacterial solutions that block fungi and mould from forming on the storage units. You can’t go wrong with the added luxuries of individual packing areas.


Some Extra Tips for Protecting Assets in the Work Environment

These tips can help you to protect your valuable assets. They include:

  • Position the units strategically in the view of security cameras.
  • Encourage employees not to provide co-workers or any visitors access to their private steel lockers.
  • Avoid placement in high traffic areas where access is difficult to regulate.
  • Purchase high-grade, durable products that can’t be broken easily.
  • Separate places and types of storage for different purposes.


Figure Out a System That Works for Your Company

With steel filing cabinets you can arrange important files and documents in alphabetical order to make it easier to find specific ones. This will make it more obvious when certain papers go missing and help save time searching for them.


Placement of the Storage Units

If you use the units for confidential or high-risk items, then it is pivotal to place the cabinets or lockers in a room where the right of entry is restricted to a small group of people. It can also help if you install quality locks and keep keys on your person or tucked away in hidden compartments where lurking criminals won’t discover them without effort.

If you have a bunch of diverse reasons to get steel lockers or cabinets, plan your layout so that they aren’t all in one area. Wire mesh units can also be useful if you simply want a safe spot for random utensils, and have a way to restrict who uses them. That said, the wire cages should be placed in easy to find locations. These could include items like brooms, cleaning tools and even emergency gear such as lights for unexpected load shedding. Avoid the placement of the units in walkways where employees can bump into them or where the lockers can cause bottlenecks in the hallways, creating congestion.


In Conclusion

With various options to suit any and all of the possible needs you might have, you are sure to find the perfect set of steel lockers and cabinets from our product range. If all the worries of your personal belongings, top-secret files, random clutter and other things are out of the way, you can concentrate on the more important aspects of the organisation.

Steel cabinets & lockers can be used in almost any type of setting. Whether you need storage space for the belongings of the health workers in your medical facility, want to protect confidential documents, or reduce office clutter, secure and durable storage facilities make the task easier.

View our extensive range of steel cabinets and lockers, suitable for usage in schools, sport facilities, office environments and industrial workplaces. Get a quote online or contact us for more information on our available storage units.