Looking for an Extension Ladder Supplier

Are You Looking for An Extension-Ladder Supplier in South Africa?

Ladders are useful equipment for reaching places that we normally would not be able to. They come in a variety of frame types to cater to different requirements as well. The most common type is the A-frame, where two single-frame ladders are connected at the top to create a ladder that can stand by itself. The single-frame versions require a solid structure against which they can be propped up. This is usually not a problem, so they are a common sight. And if you are looking for a standard or an extension-ladder supplier in South Africa, CasLad is your answer.

We specialise in manufacturing all manner of frame types for both commercial and industrial uses. The single-frame design offers the best possible reach. When opting or the extended type, you will find that they are very compact to transport easily, yet easy to extend when you require the extra reach. When looking for a supplier, be sure to find one that can cater to your needs, regardless of what you require. We offer an all-inclusive selection to ensure that you can get your hands on the right type for your requirements.


Our Selection of Extension Ladders

Aluminium and fibreglass are some of the most common materials from which to manufacture this sort of equipment. Both materials are ideal in particular because they are strong and light, the difference being that aluminium is a metal and conducts electricity and fibreglass is a composite material and does not. Our selection begins with our CE range, an aluminium commercial-duty extension ladder. If you are looking for a supplier that delivers a durable range of aluminium single-frames, CasLad’s CE range is just what you have been looking for.

This range has a safe workload of up to 115 kg. Rubber non-slip foot pegs give the frame stability when mounted, reducing the likelihood of slipping due to a lack of grip. D-style rungs eliminate twisting of the frame when extended to its maximum length and the range is available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. As a supplier of extension ladders, we also offer the HDE range, which is an industrial-duty aluminium frame that can extend to impressive lengths for an excellent reach.

The HDE range uses a rope and pulley to extend and box rungs keep the frame from twisting. A safe workload of up to 135 kg is accommodated and ensures that you can bring your toolbox along when mounting the frame. Rubber non-slip foot pegs will help prevent the frame from slipping underneath you while working at height. This range of extension ladders is available in double- and triple-extension variants. Therefore, if you are looking for a supplier that can deliver single extension frames that can reach up to 20 m when fully extended, the HDE range is perfect for you.

CasLad is your supplier of extension ladders in South Africa. We offer frames in both aluminium and fibreglass to ensure that you can always get what you need. If you are looking for more information on these frames, please browse our website for images and specifications. Choose us as your supplier and take advantage of our all-inclusive selection for your business and daily operations.