Moving Heavy Loads with Pallet Jacks

Why Moving Heavy Loads with Pallet Jacks is the Obvious Choice in Warehouses

Whether you operate a warehouse, load yard, vehicle workshop, or retail facility, from time to time, you will need to move heavy objects. Indeed, if you own a mover company, your employees most probably have to move heavy objects on a daily basis. But what if you and your employees can benefit from moving heavy objects with sturdy and easy-to-use hand pallet jacks? Consider the benefits of moving heavy objects with hand pallet jacks and then decide whether you need larger and machine-driven lift equipment or don’t need to use the pallet jacks at all.


The Benefits of Pallet Jacks

  1. Reduce Fatigue

Unnecessary physical strain should be avoided at all costs. True, exercise is healthy, but with the thousands of workplace injuries reported every year, you want to reduce the risk of back, neck, leg and arm injuries related to the carrying and lifting of heavy objects. The walk-behind pallet jack with it conveniently placed forks, electronic user panel and small footprint is the perfect piece of equipment to place underneath a pallet or other heavy object and move it without placing extra strain on the operator. With a reduction in worker fatigue, the risk of injury is also significantly reduced, and productivity levels increase.


  1. Faster Movement of Heavy Objects

True, with heavy-duty lift equipment you can move stacks and stacks of boxes, crates and pallets. But do you need to bring out the forklift for every object to be moved? Do you even have the space for a forklift? What if you need to move heavy objects in a retail store where you cannot use a forklift? In this regard, you are left with two choices. The first is to use only human power, and the second is to move the objects with pallet jacks.

Moving the objects with the pallet jacks will be easier and faster than when only using humans to carry the products. The equipment has been made for smooth movement, heavy loads and easy operation. You can expect faster moving and carrying of products with a reduced risk of injuries or incidents.


  1. Higher Productivity

By using the pallet jacks, your employees make the best of their time. They can get more work done in a shorter period. By giving your workers the best tools for a particular job, you show that you care about their welfare and productivity. Improved productivity means higher profits and reduced labour costs. The entire operation or supply chain thus benefits when you use the highly effective pallet jacks in the warehouse, distribution centre, airport, or retail facility for placement of heavier objects.

The pallet jacks are the most basic of equipment required in any warehouse or area where loading and off-loading take place. Many of the heavy-duty types come with hydraulic-pump systems that make it possible to lift heavy loads without any excess effort needed. These units are well-suited for applications such as low case packing or picking, the placement of vehicle parts, and more.

Customisation of the equipment is possible in terms of fork lengths and attachments to meet the varied load-lifting and movement needs of clients.


How Do You Choose the Right Pallet Jacks for Your Operations?

Hydralic Pallet JackIf you agree that you want help with the moving of heavy objects without having to call in the big-boy equipment, then follow the guidelines below to make sure you choose pallet jacks that are perfect for your operations. Pallet jacks have low-load points, which make them extremely stable when moving. With the centre of gravity near the surface, the unit doesn’t tip over easily. It is this characteristic that makes it the perfect equipment for carrying heavy pallets. Handling is as easy as pushing a trolley.

Training in the usage is easy, and more employees can use this lift equipment because there is no need for special certification before the walkie can be used. The units move easily and take up little floor space. As such, the units can be stored out of the way when not in use.


Purpose of the Equipment

Where do you plan to use the equipment? Do you operate a moving a company and thus want units for the lifting of fridges and chairs or cupboards? Or perhaps you want to use the units outdoors for pallet lifting in the dockyard. The units can be used for carrying bricks and other building materials as well. Determine where it will be used most and for what before you place your order.


Identify the Type of Product to Be Moved

It sounds obvious, but the product types determine whether you need a corrosion-resistant machine, one that can operate in freezing conditions or one that can work in extremely hot temperatures such as at refineries or mine operations. Will you need to move flammable content or frozen food products? Select the main category of products and whether they are moved in boxes on pallets, barrels, as loose items, or bagged bulk products.


Budget Needs

Nobody likes to think of the financial limitations, but even for large warehouse settings, one has to consider the budget. Do you need several units or just one? If only one or two, at the very least, go for the top of the range ones for maximum load capacity, speed of movement and reduction in maintenance needs. If you want several units, speak to our consultants who can help you choose units that meet your lift equipment needs with units that are still exceptionally well-priced.


Space Needs

How much turn and movement space is available? Do you have a smooth operating surface? There should be at least ten-centimetre gaps at both sides of the forks for safety. For longer load needs, consider the side-placement type that comes with a rotating handle and two sets of rollers for easy forward and backward movement.


Which Types of Pallet Jacks are on the Market?

From the walk-behind pallet jack and pallet-pump systems to manual types and powered units, many models are available. The walk-behind types are often called “Walkies”. These units can be powered or manual. The Walkies are well-suited for dock work where loading and off-loading of trailers take place over a short distance. The rider types are for longer distances, heavier loads, and higher speed travelling.


Why Our Pallet Jacks?

Just as with the range of wheels and castors, we take great pride in the quality of our equipment. We understand the importance of equipment that can operate in harsh environments. Our machines don’t disappoint. They are made to last for years, and the units are low on maintenance and come with suitable wheels, castors, and fork lengths. If you want easy-to-use and durable equipment, the robust designs of our hand-pallet trucks are a characteristic to consider.


Our Range of Material-Handling Equipment

We offer the following material-handling equipment:

  • Manual stacker
  • Semi-electric stacker
  • Manual stacker wide straddle
  • Semi-electric lift table
  • Full-electric table truck
  • Drum lifter rotator
  • Walk-behind full electric stacker
  • Counterbalance full electric stacker
  • Crowbar on wheels
  • Forklift safety cage
  • Galvanised pallet jack
  • Stainless steel, standard, or narrow type
  • 3 and 5-ton hydraulic pallet jacks


View our range of products, including pallet jacks, and get in touch to discuss your particular warehouse-material handling needs.