Non-Conductive Ladders for Sale

A Variety of Ladders for Sale from CasLad

Ladders are indispensable industrial and commercial equipment. They have an abundance of useful applications, as they offer more than just a mountable frame. Different frame designs allow for various functions, so it is pivotal to get the right frame for your daily applications. CasLad manufactures a wide range of ladders, trolleys, and castors for industrial and commercial use. We use the finest and strongest materials to manufacture our ladder frames, ensuring their durability and strength.

Single-frame ladders are simple and easy to handle, but they require a solid supporting structure to lean against, like a wall. Our single frames have rubber foot pegs to ensure that they do not slip from underneath the person mounting the frame. A-frame ladders connect two single frames at the top of the ladder, giving it the ability to stand on its own. These are available in single- or double-sided versions; double-sided A-frames allow two people to simultaneously mounting the ladder. We have all of these for sale to suit your daily requirements.

Ladders for Sale at CasLad

We manufacture and sell ladders of all varieties. Using fibreglass and aluminium, we make a wide variety of commercial and industrial frames to choose from. Aluminium frames are sturdy and strong, ideal for a plethora of daily uses. Fibreglass frames are non-conductive, making them preferable in environments where high-voltage currents can be lethal. Our LAS range features an aluminium, single-sided A-frame that can handle a load of 135 kg. This ladder range that we offer for sale is also available in a double-sided variant for when you need two people working at height.

Our FGS range is an industrial A-frame design made of fibreglass. It can handle 135 kg as well, giving you a non-conductive alternative to an aluminium single-sided A-frame. The FGS is also available in a double-sided option. This ladder range features aluminium steps with a fibreglass frame, while the FGS-ALL range is entirely made of fibreglass. We also offer extension ladders for sale. These ladders can extend in length for a higher reach and they are also very easy to transport, being usefully compact when fully retracted. Our selection of extension ladders includes both aluminium and fibreglass ranges.

A common problem with long single-frame ladders is the possibility of the frame twisting while mounted. A twisting frame is unstable, which can cause the ladder to fail. The extension ladders for sale from CasLad feature either box rungs or D-style rungs to prevent the frame from twisting. Therefore, you can be assured of your safety when mounting the frame, no matter how far it is extended. So, if you need a quality ladder for your business, CasLad offers a sensible selection to choose from. You will be able to find the ideal frame to suit your business needs.

CasLad specialises in manufacturing ladders, trolleys, and castor wheels. We also offer other products such as mobile ladders for sale. If you wish to enquire about any of our products, feel free to contact us today. Choose CasLad and get access to a comprehensive selection of industrial and commercial materials-handling equipment for sale under one roof.