Storage Cabinets

Keep Your Office, Garage, Kitchen and Garden Tidy with Top Quality Storage Cabinets

One does not have to look too far and wide to find many reasons why storage cabinets can add value to your life. Space has become a precious commodity and whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, it never feels like you have enough storage space for all the clutter around the house.

Moving to a larger property is not on the cards for many people, leaving them to make the most of the space they have available. Storage cabinets can help maximise the available space that you have, and provide you with valuable storage space to keep your home and living space tidy and organised.

A specific area in the home that can especially benefit from storage cabinets is the garage. With all the things normally being stored there, it is far too easy for the space to become cluttered. It does not take long to have a messy room that is not being utilised to its full potential. Things soon become scattered around the car, on the floor and on work surfaces, making it hard to find what you are looking for. Remove this annoyance from your life and invest in practical, durable and beautiful storage cabinets from CasLad, so you can organise your space and your life.


Organise Your Life with Storage Cabinets

Whether you have a garden shed with a myriad of tools and supplies, a garage with lots of expensive mechanical equipment, or an office with supplies and papers in need of storage, a good storage cabinet can go a very long way towards helping you organise your everyday life. By having these cabinets in those spaces, you can easily systemise and organise things and put them where you will be able to find with them ease, when you need them.

Items that you do not need or use every day, can easily be arranged by moving them to their own dedicated storage cabinets, labelled so you know where you had placed them. This saves you from rummaging through one storage cabinet after the other in frustration. With so many options available to you, you are sure to find the storage cabinet that is perfectly suited for your needs. Do not compromise on the quality of your cabinets, as it can provide you with years of reliable service when you invest in a great quality and durable unit.


CasLad’s Range of Durable Storage Cabinets

We have worked hard to develop an extensive line of the most durable, best quality and aesthetically pleasing storage cabinets. We use the best quality raw materials in the design and manufacture of our storage equipment, and we are proud of its incredible popularity in the marketplace, bolstered by its proven durability and longevity.

Our storage cabinets range from linbins and store bins, bin wall panels and bin cabinets to freestanding units. The freestanding storage cabinets come in single and double-sided units to suit your specific application and needs. These units are also available as stationary or mobile units with lockable castors in a variety of sizes.

The linbins are available in seven different sizes, with features including:

  • Small parts for storage bins;
  • Manufactured using tough, impact- and acid-resistant materials;
  • Store bins are stackable and dividers are available for each size; and
  • Colours include red, yellow, blue, grey and black.

These bins are manufactured using PRP1042 polypropylene co-polymers, for additional strength.


Demand More from Storage Cabinet Solutions

You can look forward to years of reliable service from our storage cabinets and bins, and enjoy excellent value for money. Thanks to our substantial buying power, we are also able to keep our prices competitively low. It assists us in ensuring maximum market penetration, while also making sure customers from all walks of life are able to access quality and affordable storage cabinets.

Let us help you find the best storage cabinets to meet your specific storage needs. Our team is always at hand to provide you with the information you need to make a fully informed purchase decision. Aside from storage solutions, we also supply castors, trolleys, ladders and scaffolding solutions. To find out more about us and our extensive catalogue of products, speak to us today. We look forward to helping you find the great quality and durable storage solutions you need.