Pallet Jack Prices

Prices Should be a Secondary Consideration When Choosing Pallet Jacks

Pallet jack prices may seem to be the most important consideration when you are in the market for material-handling and -lifting equipment for your retail store, workshop, warehouse, or industrial plant. However, quality, functionality, load-carrying capacity, and durability should be more important than prices. Of course, reasonable prices are important and to this end, we also don’t disappoint; we offer a full range of durable pallet jacks at highly competitive prices.

Here’s why our pallet jack prices are such great value. We offer:

  • Affordability;
  • Excellent after-sales service;
  • Credibility; and
  • A wide range.


Hydralic Pallet JackBut what are the main benefits of using pallet jacks? Apart from helping to reduce the time it takes to perform tasks, the equipment is essential for the following reasons:

  • Reduction in workplace injuries. Moving heavy equipment, boxes, and crates pose the risk of injury. It is thus important to use purpose-made equipment to lift, move, and place the loads rather than having employees risk injury carrying heavy loads. The lifting equipment makes it easy to move more loads in a given day – and do so safely.


  • Lower expenses. Warehouses can be huge. Just walking from one side to the other can take a while. Calculate employee hours and you realise that partial or full automation of load carrying helps reduce costs. With mechanical and electric pallet jacks available at affordable prices, you can reduce your costs too.


  • Reduce the workload. Employee morale suffers when workers have to perform labour-intensive jobs that could have been made easier if they had the right equipment. By investing in such equipment, you show that you care about their health and productivity. Employee morale improves and, with it, you also get higher productivity whilst reducing fatigue that can lead to mistakes and workplace injuries.


  • Versatile equipment. Our lifting equipment is extremely versatile. Everything from boxes and furniture to crates and equipment can be moved with ease. We offer a wide range to match your lifting, load, and weight requirements. With our competitive prices, you can buy several such units to maximise your productivity.


  • Small footprint. Unlike larger lift equipment such as lift trucks, these units don’t take up a whole lot of floor space. As such, you can transport them to make deliveries easier. The units also take up little storage space. Though you need several other material-handling tools and machines in the warehouse, pallet jacks are essential for shorter distances, smaller loads, and narrow aisles.


Our Range of Pallet Jacks

We have a full complement of equipment. An example is the high-lift unit that can carry 1500 kg with ease. The unit has a lift height of 800 mm and lowered height of 85 mm. Its fork length is 1190 mm. We also have the fully electric unit that has a load capacity of 1 500 kg and travel speed of 3,5 and 4,5 km/h. Their lift centre is 600 mm and they come with an electromagnetic brake system.

Many other units form part of our product portfolio. Get the best equipment for the job. Enquire about our pallet jack range and prices.