Pallet Jacks

How Pallet Jacks Can Make Things Easier in The Workplace

Pallet jacks are useful trolleys for transporting large and heavy material pallets. They are commonly used within warehouse environments. They are used to transport construction material pallets at safe speeds, and with optimal stability. Pallet jacks can carry heavy loads and abnormally shaped pallets with ease. This gives them an advantage over regular forklifts. They also require manual labour to operate. Luckily, these jacks are suited to handle the weight of the load. This makes them easy to manoeuvre, push, and pull in a desired direction.

Pallet jacks are also a common sight in large retailers. The commercial world may not be nearly as demanding on lifting equipment, but still requires workable options. These jacks can be used to transport heavy appliances, such as large fridges and freezers. They can also be used when handling large product pallets, should the need arise. Whether it is for commercial or industrial applications, pallet jacks have their use in a modern world. CasLad can supply your business with pallet jacks. We manufacture a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial equipment as well.


CasLad’s Pallet Jack

As a basic function, pallet jacks should be able to lift and carry heavy loads. Lifting height is limited due to the load capacity in most cases. This allows the operator to clear the ground with basic lifting functions. In return, the transporting process is easier and much more approachable. Industrial and commercial businesses usually have pallet jacks in their warehouse and retail equipment. This is because of the clear benefits of the lifting equipment’s functions. CasLad’s version offers useful functions, and can make a difference within your business.

Our pallet jacks feature a reliable pump to lift and transport heavy loads. Its robust construction is ideal for light- to heavy-duty uses. The maximum loading capacity is rated at 3 000 kg. This grants the pallet jack the ability to lift a lot of items, products, pallets, and materials with ease. Our standard fork size on our pallet jacks is 1 220 mm in length and 685 mm in width. We also offer a narrow fork size of 1 066 mm in length and 520 mm in width. It also has a maximum lifting height of 200 mm to boot.

Apart from our trusty and effective pallet jacks, we also manufacture a plethora of other commercial and industrial products. We also have an operable selection of trolleys. Pallet jacks are very useful for heavy items, but can be challenging to use for lighter and smaller items. Our folding nose trolley is a great solution to this, and can be stored conveniently. The tubular design makes it easy to operate this trolley. It also has a stairclimbing wheel configuration option to help with dealing with a flight of stairs. This trolley can be a feasible solution for handling loads of up to 180 kg.

CasLad also offers a platform trolley. Although this trolley also resembles a flat-faced loading area, it is not comparable to the pallet jack. Our platform trolley is made from steel, and has a loading capacity of 500 kg. It is available in galvanised and powder-coated finishes to suit your preferences. If you want a wooden deck instead, it is also available upon request. We also offer turntable, stock-picking, and rocker trolleys to accommodate your business’ needs regarding transportation trolleys. Our pallet jacks are only a single option for commercial and industrial trolleys. We can ensure that you have all the ideal lifting and transportation equipment for your business with our selection.

Pallet jacks are ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads. Pressure is put on the pallet jack’s pump, wheels, and brakes to perform accordingly. Should one of these elements fail or become unstable during operation, the load is bound to fall from the pallet jack’s forks. Therefore, it is vital to buy a quality model that has optimal stability during operation. CasLad’s pallet jacks offer quality, strength, and workability to their operators. Not only will these pallet jacks handle loads of up to 3 000 kg, but they will also ensure stability while lifting and transporting these heavy loads.

Choose CasLad for your commercial and industrial equipment needs. We offer a wide selection of trolleys, wheels, and accommodating castors to choose from. Feel free to browse our website for detailed specifications. When you are in need of new equipment for your business or shop, CasLad can deliver viable solutions.