Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks for Your Equipment Needs

Pallet jacks are useful equipment for storage purposes, as well as transporting heavy material pallets and appliances. Large commercial retailers will employ these functional machines to assist in a wide range of applications. Industrial storage facilities will also turn to pallet trucks for their unique and operable functions. Thus, this can be classified as a popular choice regarding storage and transporting equipment. If you are looking for a supplier of pallet jacks for your business, look no further than CasLad.

CasLad offers an all-inclusive selection of commercial and industrial equipment to choose from. Our selection includes aluminium and fibreglass ladders, as well as trolleys and castor wheels to accompany them. We also offer scaffolding and industrial racking and shelving solutions to maximise floor space and safety within your work environment. When we look at storage facilities and floor space, it is crucial to maximise the used space to its fullest potential. This process entails the use of shelves and racks, which requires machinery and equipment that can reach and stack.


CasLad’s Selection of Pallet Jacks

Although regular pallet trucks are aimed at carrying large material pallets, these jacks are useful for a variety of other applications as well. Heavy construction material pallets have always been a hassle to transport from the back of a flat-bed into a storage facility, or vice versa. Luckily, a quality pallet jack can make this process much easier. CasLad offers a hydraulic pallet truck that has a robust construction and a reliable jack pump to your benefit. It has a maximum load capacity of 3 000 kg to ensure that this machine can easily carry large material pallets and heavy appliances.

Our hydraulic pallet truck features a standard fork size of 1 220 x 685 mm. We also offer an option to reduce the fork size to make this jack more accessible for commercial use. The reduced fork size comes in at 1 066 x 540 mm. This pallet jack also has a maximum lifting height of 200 mm to grant it basic ground clearance functionality. We also offer a hi-lift pallet jack for those in need of capable lifting height functionality in their pallet trucks. Our hi-lift model is a combination between a lift table and a regular pallet truck. It has a lifting capacity of 1 500 kg that can lift to a total of 800 mm from the ground.

Our hi-lift pallet jack features lateral stabilisers to ensure that the lift is smooth and steady. The standard fork length on this pallet truck is 1 140 mm, with a choice between 520- and 680-mm widths for the forks. As a result, our selection of pallet jacks delivers versatility and functionality for both commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need a new jack for running construction pallets between the warehouse and flat-bed, or a jack to handle transportation for heavy appliances in your large commercial retailer, we have solutions.

CasLad’s range of pallet jacks can carry the weight and deliver the stability during that process as well. We also offer a multitude of other industrial and commercial equipment to take your business to new levels. Our website features useful information surrounding our products, as well as images on every product. Choose CasLad today, and feel the power of quality equipment working for you.