Pallet Jacks

Understanding the Convenience Pallet Jacks Can Add to Your Business

To make light work of what could be time consuming lifting, many businesses in a variety of industries invest in pallet jacks. These are also often referred to as pallet stackers. A pallet jack is fairly specialised, as it is designed to lift and move around pallets. It is an electric, battery-powered workhorse that is typically used in indoor environments or small to medium-sized warehouses. While a pallet jack is compact by design, it has enough battery power to effectively push, pull, lift, stack, and move pallets.

With the right battery, and by not overloading the unit beyond its designated handling capacity, you can expect the machine to operate for a number of hours without having to be recharged. Charging is also a simple process for your workers, as the battery cables simply need to be connected to a power source after use. Battery charging is made safe by the incorporation of an industrial plug that regulates the flow of current. It is important to ensure that the pallet stackers are put on charge after each use, to ensure that their batteries are full and ready to recommence work, and also just in case there is power failure that forces you to rely on the battery power that you have left. To avoid damage from power surges when the power comes back on, make sure that you unplug all electric jacks when the power goes out.

Unlike in the case of forklifts, a pallet jack operator needs no formal training or a license to legally operate the unit. However, we strongly advise that you train your operators thoroughly to avoid potential accidents and injuries. Both the fork blades and the wheels operate hydraulically, which provides for exceptional efficiency and accuracy during operation.

Many business owners realise how much motorised transport for pallets can help in terms of time saving and productivity, especially if the pallets need to be moved over a considerable distance. If you are not sure how your business can benefit from investing in its own pallet jacks, we would love to assist you with some further information. Here is how pallet jacks can benefit you and your workforce:

  • You will be able to get pallets moved from A to B quickly and easily and without exerting your staff. With the use of this machine, a great deal of the heavy lifting will be handled for your staff members, which means that productivity will increase commensurately. In warehouses without pallet jacks, workers are often required to move pallets by hand. Alternatively, forklifts can be used, but they might already be tied up handling other tasks.
  • Pallet jacks are much quieter than forklifts and other lifting equipment, which is great if you are concerned about noise pollution. As a result, they are ideal for indoor use, especially if you want to provide a pleasant and comfortable working environment for your workforce. Another great benefit is that they are electrically powered, which means there is no need to deal with the hazard of exhaust fumes.
  • Visibility is excellent when using a pallet jack, more so than is the case with most of the other lifting equipment and machinery. These units have a simple and compact design with absolutely no complex components. Operators enjoy excellent visibility all around, which means fewer accidents and the opportunity to move around the warehouse quietly and efficiently and with maximised productivity.

If you feel that your business can benefit from pallet jacks, we welcome you to discover our range at Caslad, and we look forward to assisting you with a demonstration and further product information. Simply contact us via email or telephone and we will do our utmost to assist you further.