Pallet Jacks for Sale

Pallet Jacks for Sale for Your Business

Any large retailer or industrial business will agree that lifting equipment is vital for them to do their daily work. Whether it is a forklift fleet at a storage facility or pallet jacks to move heavy appliances, such equipment makes life easier for material-handling businesses. We specialise in ladders and castor wheels for industrial trolleys and we also offer a wide selection of lifting equipment for sale. Electricity plays an important role in today’s market for lifting equipment because most lifters are powered by rechargeable industrial batteries. By adding electrical assistance to the equation, these lifters can be operated more easily than their unassisted counterparts.

Pallet jacks are simple equipment but with a smart design, distributing the weight of the load over a large area. This area is to the fork of such a machine, which is the platform on which heavy pallets and appliances can be placed. The fork is also close to the ground, which keeps the jack steady and controlled, even when fully laden. By keeping the weight of the load low to the ground, the centre of gravity is kept low as well. Therefore, the machine will remain stable, even when changing direction, thereby eliminating any top-heaviness that can destabilise the load. As a result, large loads are comfortably handled and moved by these machines. Let’s have a look at the selection that we have for sale.


Our Selection

Pallet jacks are classified as lifting equipment. Their function is to lift large objects from the ground for easy transport and handling, as opposed to reach stackers that are designed for lifting loads high. Our selection begins with our standard 3-t hydraulic jack. This machine features an integrated hydraulic pump for its lifting function. The fork length is 1220 mm and the total width of the fork is 685 mm. These dimensions result in a large platform to load pallets and other heavy products and materials. It is ideal for use within a retail or warehouse setting. The total lift height is 200 mm, which grants enough ground clearance for most situations.

It happens to be one of the pallet jacks that we also offer with a narrow-fork design, reducing the overall fork width to 550 mm. This option is ideal for working in confined spaces with heavy appliances. The total carrying capacity remains at 3 t, even with the narrow fork layout. Therefore, there is no compromise in functionality just because the fork is narrower. Moving on to the bigger models, we offer our standard 5-t handler. Also featuring a hydraulic lifting mechanism, you can expect the same level of performance from this one, with an added bonus of increased carrying capacity. The length and width of the fork are unchanged to ensure that the wide load area remains intact. We also have stainless-steel versions for sale that are more robust for industrial uses.

Our stainless-steel pallet jacks feature welded pumps to go with their more robust design. The standard model features our standard fork size and can lift 2,5 t. The model with the narrow fork is also capable of carrying 2,5 t. The galvanised model can carry 3 t and has the standard fork size for a larger loading area. We also feature a fully electric model that can carry 1,5 t. In conclusion, if you are looking for a supplier that offers quality lifting and handling equipment for sale, we have you covered.

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