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Quality Commercial Pallet Trucks

Lifting equipment commonly falls under industrial machinery. Usually, the selection includes large mobile cranes and other construction vehicles. Luckily, more sophisticated lifting equipment also exists. Forklifts are useful tools for warehouse material handling, along with other machines, such as pallet trucks. The commercial sector also benefits from employing lifting equipment. This is evident when walking into a large retailer that sells large furnishing items, such as freezers and sofas. In this case, the retailer opts to employ commercial lifting equipment to safely transport these items for customers.

A lifting trolley is a likely option for transporting larger and abnormally shaped tall pallets. Unfortunately, they do not work on flat pallets or wide products. This is where the pallet truck comes into play. The pallet truck provides a low platform that stabilises a heavy and large load by using gravity. With such a low centre of gravity, the pallet truck can comfortably manoeuvre around without the possibility of tipping over or becoming unstable due to heavy loads. As a result, this piece of lifting equipment makes for a useful addition in the commercial industry.


Pallet Trucks and Their Benefits

CasLad offers a selection of commercial lifting equipment for sale. This selection includes two specified pallet trucks that can make a notable difference in daily operations. Our hydraulic pallet truck offers a very simplistic approach. With low and wide pallet forks, this piece of lifting equipment is ideal for handling those large material and product pallets. It is also perfect for transporting large and abnormally shaped products safely and effortlessly. The robust construction makes this pallet fork ideal in any work environment.

CasLad’s hydraulic pallet truck has a load capacity of 3 t, and features a reliable hydraulic pump to operate the forks. This pallet truck can also lift its load to 200 mm for specified ground clearance and other useful features. The standard fork size on this version is 1 220 x 685 mm. We also offer a smaller fork size of 1 066 x 540 mm to suit smaller environments with less demanding lifting requirements. If you need a pallet truck that can achieve some more lift, CasLad also offers the hi-lift pallet truck.

The hi-lift pallet truck brings a different dynamic to this piece of lifting equipment. The concept behind it combines a regular pallet truck with lift table for the desired results. Now, you can safely transport a large product or material pallet and still have the useful functions of lifting it 800 mm from the ground. The hi-lift pallet truck has a rated capacity of 1,5 t to accommodate for its lifting functionality. This model also features lateral stabilisers to grant stability during high lifts. The standard fork length on this machine is 1 140 mm, with a choice between 520- and 680-mm fork widths to choose from.

CasLad offers a variety of commercial lifting equipment for sale. Apart from our pallet trucks, we also offer a selection of castor wheels and ladders for the commercial and industrial sectors. If you are interested in these products, feel free to browse through our website for details and product specifications. Choose CasLad for all your commercial equipment needs today, and take advantage of our extensive selection of quality products for your business.