Quality Industrial Trolleys

Why You Need Quality Industrial Trolleys

If you’ve ever felt that getting equipment, stock, or other supplies from one point to the other is too much effort, then it is vital that you look at the value of quality industrial trolleys. We offer a wide variety, available in different shapes and sizes, with all kinds of uses for any type of task imaginable. You just need to know exactly what you are looking for and how to select a superior brand that will be satisfactory to you. Below are some reasons why it’s a good idea to always assess the quality of the gear before purchasing:

  • Flimsy industrial trolleys could easily break at an inopportune moment and cause an accident
  • The strength of the carrier vehicle determines the safety of your luggage
  • In high risk environments, all equipment must pass certain safety checks
  • More durable equipment is cost-effective over the long haul


How Much Pressure Can It Take?

coke trolleyNow that you are aware of the dangers of not selecting a proper transportation device, you should make a list of your specific user needs. The types of items you want to move, and their particular weight, have a massive impact on the size, capacity, and types of quality industrial trolleys you will want to consider.

For instance, our CC15 Coke Trolley is great for lengthy, but small in width and height, items such as slim rectangular boxes or similar objects. The trolley can carry up to 225 kg at a time. It is also perfect for stacking crates. With the galvanised finish, it doesn’t rust (powder coated units are also available). Another benefit worth mentioning is that it has a small horizontal footprint, thus saving floor space when stored.

On the other hand, we have a big Rocker Trolley, which can take almost triple the weight, and features a sizeable surface on which to pack goods. With handles on both ends it can easily be pushed or pulled, depending on the best method in your situation. When choosing a trolley, ensure that its size is suited to the task at hand; too large a trolley, for instance, can make tasks more difficult to perform than they would be with a smaller device.


Movability and Storage Options

Consider the area where you operate and whether you have a secure spot to store your new and handy tool out of traffic. Our stock picking unit is well-suited for shops or warehouses that need to move around cool drinks, food, toiletries, and more. It boasts multiple platforms, saving you floor space when it is stored without compromising on its packing surface.

If you are unsure whether a smaller or bigger unit will be best, then measuring all doors, corridors, and aisles can significantly narrow down the choices. Whatever the requirements are, we have quality industrial trolleys for all kinds of jobs.

Proof of this is the drum decanting piece, designed for the purpose of its name’s sake – transporting steel drums. We also offer a quality, heavy-duty case piece for the more universal moving of goods. It can handle a load of more than 200 kg at a time, making it quite useful for various types of stores and applications.

Forget the hassle of repeat trips, having to dedicate several staff members to the transporting tasks at hand, and aching backs. Purchase the equipment that will make your life stress-free. View our range of quality industrial trolleys, all made to reduce workload and to minimise the risk of moving items.