Racking and Shelving

Maximise Your Storage Space with Racking and Shelving Solutions

Adjustable steel racking and shelving are available in an extensive range of sizes, and is ideally suited to the storage of pallets. It has also become very popular thanks to offering a wide range of load carrying capacities, from light to extra heavy. You can also configure this type of shelving to offer an extensive range of solutions for various sized pallet loads. The correct type of layout can also allow convenient access to all your pallets, allowing for first-in, first-out access.

For those who own or manage a warehouse, at some point the appeal of steel racking and shelving must have become obvious for the great benefits that they offers, like exceptional space maximisation. However, there are numerous other benefits associated with choosing good quality steel racking and shelving solutions. Let us take a closer look at some of these great racking and shelving benefits.


Product Visibility on Steel Racking and Shelving

When comparing visibility of items on steel shelving against those stored in bins, it’s easy to realise that finding and retrieving items from a bin can be far more time-consuming and frustrating since the visibility is lower. The item can be lost among a horde of items stored in the same bin. Storing items on steel shelving, however, enables far greater visibility, ensuring that you locate everything as well as retrieve any item in a record amount of time compared to bin storage.

This is one of the best ways to boost productivity and efficiency in your work area. Additionally, inventory is much easier to view near eye level on steel shelving, as opposed to viewing item laid out on the floor, wasting additional space. There is also no argument that steel shelving enables you to neatly store larger items that might include tools and heavy machinery. The weight and size of these items might disqualify other types of shelving and racking, but you can rest assured that the strength of steel shelving offers a superior solution that is both practical and durable.


Storing Delicate Items with Steel Racking and Shelving

Often, you need a specific and dedicated area to store delicate items that cannot be stored along with other items in a bin, because it might become damaged. This is why steel shelving is a great solution for storing delicate items and with proper spacing, these items can also benefit from the advantages afforded by steel shelving, namely high visibility and random access.

These racking and shelving solutions help you to get the most out of your storage space. Not only does it make maximum use of horizontal flooring, but it also utilises the vertical space often wasted along walls, enabling you to effectively store a greater number of items on the same warehouse floor area. These are only a few of the many reasons behind steel racking and shelving solutions in South Africa.


Buy Quality Racking and Shelving Solutions from CasLad

At CasLad, we have developed mondern steel racking and steel-bolted shelving solutions. We make our solutions available to the South African marketplace at very competitive rates, ensuring that as many people and companies as possible benefit from it. Our steel racking is available in light, medium and heavy-duty, and can also be specified with wooden or steel decks.

The steel-bolted shelving is also ideal for light to medium industrial storage, and features corner gussets for strength and stability, steel shelves and a powder-coated finish. These are only a few of the many great features that set our shelves apart. To learn more about us, and for more information on why we are your first choice for quality racking and shelving in South Africa, contact us today.