Safe Ladder Use Advice from the Leading Local Ladder Manufacturer

Just how safe are your business’ ladders, and when last did you do a safety and maintenance check on them? This is important if you want to avoid any ladder-related injuries or deaths on your premises. Ladders are pieces of equipment that are not given enough attention. When shopping around for a new ladder, you should focus on more than simply finding a ladder with the right price attached.

The first thing to think about is choosing a manufacturer that you can trust. Manufacturing ladders comes with a great deal of responsibility. If you think about it, your ladder manufacturer has no room for error. A poorly made – or unsafe ladder, that somehow slips past quality control, can result in the loss of a life. This is something that needs to be taken seriously.

As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are safe and secure while at work. Supplying your workforce with inferior quality ladders and tools can result in injury or death, and should certainly be avoided at all costs. Because of this, many industries ensure that they only support ladder manufacturers with good reputations, proven quality products, and positive track records. It is important to check that your ladder manufacturer meets the safety standards and regulations in place.

In South Africa, ladder safety is a topic of great concern. While the number of ladder-related injuries and deaths is increasing, many business owners still seem to be unaware of the importance of safe ladder training. The first step would be to invest in top-quality ladders. The second step would be to spend a decent amount of time explaining the ladder safety features and functionality. There are a few areas that must be covered when training staff members how to properly use a ladder. In fact, a ladder manufacturer will be able to provide you with some safety guidelines and explain any features of the ladder that you might not be aware of. A few topics that must be covered when training your staff include:

  • Correctly setting up the ladder. Workers need to know how to set up a ladder when the ground is uneven or if the area being worked in is awkward. Knowing when and how to set up the ladder is essential. Where to safely place a ladder is also important to learn. For instance, placing a ladder in front of a closed door is extremely unsafe.
  • How to safely climb up and down the ladder.
  • How to secure the ladder when working at heights. Many ladders come with safety features that can stop the ladder from slipping, sliding, or falling. It is important that these features are noted and that employees do not overlook them.
  • What type of ladders to use for each type of job or application. Using the wrong ladder can result in serious injury or death as a result of the ladder falling. Workers need to know how to select the right ladder for the job.
  • How to disassemble the ladder after use (especially in the case of extension and A-frame ladders). Workers should know how to disassemble the ladder without injuring themselves or others.
  • How to maintain and store the ladder. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained ladder will eventually become unsafe. It is important to clean the ladder before it is stored. It should also be stored in the right place. Certain ladders cannot be left outside or left to drip-dry, while others can. Make sure that your workers know the difference.


Your Local Ladder Manufacturer

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