Scaffolding Solutions for Your Construction Needs

Scaffolding is commonly used for construction purposes, whether indoors or outdoors. A scaffold would normally be built from various steel components that surround the area of construction. As a result, all-round access is granted, including working at specific heights to finish the construction. Indoor scaffolding is also very handy when it comes to indoor construction projects, such as stage setups and utility installations. Although indoor scaffolds cannot hold a candle to their outdoor counterparts, these frames deliver workable solutions for large indoor projects.

CasLad supplies a wide selection of useful tools and equipment for both commercial and industrial markets. Included in our selection is a range of scaffolding options that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. We offer aluminium and steel frames at a variety of heights and layouts to ensure that your requirements are met. Steel frames bring a more robust approach, making them ideal for industrial use. Aluminium frames focus more on the efficiency of the layout of the frame. No matter your preferences, CasLad has the ideal scaffolding frame to suit your needs.


Scaffolding Made Easy

Our range of scaffolding products begins with our Steel Self-Lock Scaffold. This frame features tubular steel scaffolding that is simplistic and fast to construct and dismantle. The Steel Self-Lock is available in three frame sizes, consisting of 1,5-, 2,1-, and 3-m options. Standard components for the construction of such a tower include basic steel frames, steel boards, braces, and lockable castors. The frames form the vertical structure of the tower, while the boards create a work platform at specific heights. The braces hold the framework together, and the lockable castors grant the frame movement. Once the frame is in a stationary position, the castor wheels are locked to ensure steadiness while mounted on the scaffold frame.

Optional extra components for this steel scaffolding frame include access ladders, safety harnesses, adjustable base jacks and castors, knee braces, trapdoor platforms, and a toe-board set. As a result, the possibilities are open for building a custom frame to suit your requirements and work environment. Moving on, CasLad offers the Aluminium Stairway Tower frame. This frame features aluminium scaffolding, which is much lighter and more durable than steel. The Stairway Tower has a fast construction and dismantle time, saving you precious time throughout the process.

The smallest available layout for the Aluminium Stairway Tower is 2,5 m. The scaffolding frame offers 2 m increments in height, offering various height options up until 14,5 m. Stabilisers are installed for towers above 4,5 m in height, with trap access platforms on every tower to increase safety. The staircases also feature complete handrails to further increase safety for working at height. Lockable and height-adjustable castor wheels are used to grant the tower mobility. Safety harnesses are also an option for these scaffolding towers, further increasing overall safety when mounted.

CasLad also offers the Aluminium Span and Narrow Span Tower options for scaffolding. These towers offer simplistic tower layout designs, making them easy to assemble and dismantle. Using aluminium to construct these frames ensures that the components are lightweight and durable. Aluminium also adds stability to the tower, allowing the scaffolding tower to reach specific heights easily. When tied to a structure, these towers can reach up to 20 m in height. Trap access platforms and safety harnesses are available for these scaffold towers, with a selection of incrementing heights to choose from and construct. Therefore, you will always have a suitable option for indoor and outdoor scaffolding.

When it comes to scaffolding solutions, choose CasLad today. Our steel and aluminium scaffolding towers will deliver the necessary functionality and versatility to get the job done. For more information, please browse our website for details on these towers. We also offer a variety of castor wheels and ladders for both commercial and industrial applications.