Scaffolding for Sale

The Selection of Scaffolding Towers We Offer for Sale

Construction contractors use scaffolding towers to work at height. Whether it is building work or maintaining a structure, these towers are solid and stable work platforms for working at height. Steel is commonly used to make the components of these towers but we also offer an alternative approach in lightweight aluminium, delivering a faster and easier way of assembling and dismantling these towers. If you are looking for a supplier that has several options for sale, CasLad is your answer.

Our modular scaffolding towers comprise various components that can be used to customise the layout and height of the tower. Every tower also features lockable and height-adjustable castor wheels to ensure that you can move it around with ease. Working at height will always hold some danger; therefore, creating a safe work environment is key. With a stable and strong structure for access, your workforce can have the peace of mind that their safety is taken care of. We design all the towers we offer for sale with safety foremost in our minds.


Versatility and Safety for Working at Height

Our scaffolding towers are available in different sizes and heights to accommodate your needs. We offer both steel and aluminium towers for different applications. Our steel self-lock tower features tubular steel components to make it simple to erect and dismantle. We offer this alternative for sale at a very affordable price point. The various frame sizes are available with optional extras to suit the needs of your business. Each tower is assembled using top-quality components to ensure the safety and stability of these structures. Although aluminium variants cost a bit more, the steel structures are a perfectly strong and safe solution for working at height at the cost of increased weight.

We also have a selection of aluminium scaffolding towers for sale. These towers feature lightweight and sturdy components made from aluminium. Since this metal is lighter than steel and stronger per weight, these towers are easier to assemble and dismantle. Our aluminium stairway towers are wide enough to accommodate stairways with trapdoor access between levels. Every tower features full handrails to ensure the safety of the workers on it. We also offer safety harnesses for workers on these towers.

If the stairs are unnecessary, we offer our aluminium span towers as an alternative. Based on the stairway towers’ dimensions, these towers have the same features. Stabilisers are also added to towers exceeding 4,5 m in height, making our scaffolding solutions even safer. We also offer a narrow frame for sale that reduces the width of the tower to 0,9 m. This frame is ideal for indoor use or when you have limited floor space. In the end, the vast selection of towers that we have for sale has something for every type of contractor.

CasLad specialises in manufacturing industrial and commercial equipment. Our wide range of ladders, castor wheels, and scaffolding towers can give your business an edge. For more information on what we have for sale, please peruse our website for details on our products. Choose us as your supplier today and enjoy quality equipment for your business.