Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

Semi-Electric Lifting Equipment

Lifting and handling equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and with various functions. One of the more basic versions brings us to pallet jacks. At the onset of the industrial era, the world changed in many ways. Machines and tools could be manufactured to assist us in lifting, handling, and safely transporting heavy loads. With the evolution of technology, many advances were made, leading to today’s wide selection of lifting equipment for your business. Whichever way they are powered, these machines are useful and effective and have become indispensable on a daily basis.

Semi-electric lifting equipment such as pallet jacks requires only a little boost of electricity to function. This takes over some work from the hydraulics and adds stability and control to the lifting action and handling of these machines, enhancing their abilities in more ways than just improving their ultimate lifting ability. CasLad is a manufacturer of castor wheels, ladders, and lifting equipment that can make a notable difference in your work environment. Today, we will focus on the features and characteristics of our semi-electric lifting equipment and the benefits your business can enjoy from having them at its disposal.

The Efficiency of Adding Electricity to A Mechanical Machine

When the first cars rolled off the production line more than 130 years ago, they were crude and spartan to the extreme. These vehicles required that a crank handle be operated to get the engine to fire and they were complicated – and a lot of hard work – to drive. Although the industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in the interim, the largest and most impactful addition to cars was electricity. This led to wiring being added to vehicles, extending their functions with electric features like lights, wipers, and electric starter motors. Today, even power-steering assistance is provided by electric motors, as opposed to the hydraulic pump previously used. Our semi-electric pallet jacks are perfect examples of how electricity can be harnessed to make a mechanical device more useful.

The EPJ-1500 is a semi-electric pallet jack that can handle 1,5 t in total load capacity. It is ideal for light- to medium-duty lifting and is ideal for warehouse operations. A long wheelbase of 1267 mm keeps the body stable when changing direction. The fork sits at a low height of 85 mm, with a maximum achievable lift height taking the fork to 200 mm. This machine has 27 mm of ground clearance to ensure that the weight being carried is as close as possible to the ground. This low centre of gravity results in smooth and stable handling through tight corners and narrow spaces. The semi-electric mechanism also adds notable efficiency and ease of use to this lifter.

Aside from this pallet jack, we also offer a variety of other semi-electric lifting and handling equipment. On special request, we can manufacture a lift table that is ideal for industrial workshops, retailers, and storage facilities. We also offer standard and wide walk-behind stackers that can be just what you need in a storage facility with limited space. These machines can be useful to free up some much-needed floor space in a cramped work environment. The versatility and potential of our lifting and material-handling equipment can add value to your facility and significantly speed up turnaround times. These machines will work to the benefit of your business by giving you the equipment you need to get the job done more efficiently.

CasLad manufactures and supplies a wide selection of ladders, castor wheels, and lifting equipment. We have hydraulic and semi-electric equipment such as stackers, lift tables, and pallet jacks to choose from. For more information on any of our available products, please browse our website. Choose us today as the supplier of industrial and commercial equipment for your business.