The Ideal Shelving Solutions from CasLad

Storage facilities make use of racking and shelving solutions to optimise storage space within the facility. Industrial racks and shelves are constructed from basic steel frames, making them versatile to adjust and easy to assemble. These racks and shelves are commonly mounted against the walls of the storage facility. They can also be stacked next to each other or in an aisle formation for maximum floor usage. No matter how you lay out your storage facility, industrial racking and shelving will play a large part in optimising your floor space.

CasLad offers racking and shelving solutions for your commercial or industrial storage requirements. Our selection of steel racks and shelves offer robust and sturdy storage solutions to take full advantage of. CasLad also offers a wide selection of other industrial and commercial equipment, including ladders and castor wheels. For storage space, it is pivotal to maximise the amount of floor space in use and make the most out of it. Therefore, installing a rack or shelve will grant more storage space without increasing the requirement for more floor space. Today, we will delve into detail on CasLad’s racking and shelving solutions.


Steel Racks and Shelves

Steel is a common material used for industrial structures, such as racks, shelves, and scaffolding. Able to handle heavy loads, steel is the perfect structural implementation. CasLad’s steel racking options are available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty configurations. We also offer a choice between wooden or steel decks or platforms for these racks. As a result, we make it simple and easy to choose the ideal racks for your storage needs. Our racks offer sturdiness by using steel vertical frames to bolt on the horizontal decks. This results in steady storage platforms for your facility.

Shelving offers a different approach than regular racks. Shelves are versatile and can be arranged in a myriad of configurations to optimise floor space. CasLad’s shelving solutions are ideal for light- to medium-duty applications. Our shelves feature a steel bolted configuration that implements corner gussets for increased strength and overall stability. Steel shelves are used to add to the robust and efficient industrial frame. Our steel bolted shelves are available in three different height options, consisting of 1 828, 2 134, and 2 438 mm to choose from. These shelve frames are 914 mm wide, and available with four to six shelves.

When working in combination, racking and shelving offers the most viable solutions for storage facilities. As mentioned before, aisle layouts will maximise floor space usage by using racks or shelves to create these aisles. Both shelves and racks are at home when mounted to walls, which in turn, can maximise the space used against the walls in your facility. They can also be stacked onto a mezzanine level floor to further increase storage space gained from such a floor. Our racking and shelving solutions are versatile and can deliver answers for a multitude of storage issues in various work environments.

Industrial racking and shelving can be challenging to approach initially. Whether it is for storage or display purposes, such racks and shelves need durability and strength to handle the load capacities that will be thrown their way. They also need stability to prevent the racks and shelves from falling over or crashing onto each other. By using steel in the framework of these racks and shelves, stability and durability are drastically increased in comparison to plastic counterparts. Therefore, steel will always be the better option for industrial applications.

CasLad offers a spectrum of industrial and commercial equipment to take your business to the next level. For more information on our racking and shelving solutions, please contact us with any enquiries. You can also peruse our website for details on our other products, including our wide selection of ladders and castor wheels. Choose CasLad today and take advantage of our selection of useful industrial and commercial equipment.