Shelving for Industrial Storage

Sturdy Industrial Shelving Solutions for Storage Purposes

Storage plays a pivotal role in industrial facilities. Normally, warehouses use stationary shelving to house material, pallets, and large containers. These units must be robust and sturdy to handle the weight of the goods they have to house. Therefore, we manufacture our products using steel and we assemble our frames by bolting on the shelves as opposed to sliding them into grooves. This technique promotes sturdiness, with crossbars being bolted to the outer frame to prevent swaying keeping the frame strongly integral and virtually impervious to flexing.

CasLad is a manufacturer and supplier of shelving units for industrial storage. We also offer other equipment for this sector, including conveyor systems and lifting equipment. Our robust steel frames come in a variety of sizes and layouts to accommodate your requirements. We can kit out your warehouse with frames that will optimise your utilisation of the available floor space, as well as the efficiency in your facility. Today, we discuss the various options that we can offer your business. Whether sturdy, stationary frames for pallets or mobile units for tools and screws, we can provide a suitable solution.


Industrial Shelving

Steel frames offer sturdy solutions for industrial storage. The shelving can be bolted onto the frames for a more effective result, offering customisable options to suit the facility. Our steel racking delivers such a solution for your business. The decks can be supplied in either wood or steel to suit your preference. The frames are available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty derivatives. As a result, we can deliver custom-built steel racking frames for your warehouse that will accommodate specific sizes of pallets and containers.

For a standardised solution, we offer bolted steel shelving. These frames come in specific, standard sizes and are a quick solution for walls and aisles. The shelves are bolted to the frame with corner gussets to improve their load-bearing capacity and stability. The frame features bolted crossbars to eliminate swaying. The units have a standardised width of 914 mm and are available with four, five, or six shelves per unit. The heights of these frames are 1828, 2134, and 2438 mm respectively. They are available in a range of depths and these are 305, 381, 457, and 610 mm. As a result, you can get a bolted steel frame that fits your specifications perfectly.

Most workshops require mobile industrial storage units for tools and fasteners. Fasteners include nuts, bolts, screws, and washers and these must all be kept separately on shelving. Our freestanding units offer a simple and efficient solution for such a problem. Available in single- and double-sided units, these racks can serve many purposes in a workshop. They are also available in stationary and mobile variants, with lockable castor wheels to make them easy to move around. Our selection covers a spectrum of useful uses in the workplace.

CasLad is your answer to shelving solutions for industrial storage applications. We also provide a selection of lifting equipment and trolleys that can be used in warehouses. For more information on our shelving products, browse our website for specifications. Optimise your storage facility today with us as your equipment supplier.