The Importance of the Right Shelving for Your Material Storage Area

Are you involved in an industry that handles large volumes of stock? Does your business manage stock storage, warehousing, and distribution for other companies? Material handling and warehousing involve moving products and packages from one space to another, or between different buildings. Just like any industry, the correct equipment and accessories are required for the job. The processes involve using specialised manual or automatic equipment to move, lift, stack, and pack goods onto shelves and into storage areas.

How efficient your material handling is will affect how efficiently you can locate stock, accurately fulfil and prepare orders, and manage outgoing and incoming shipments. It is important to ensure that the material handling and storage equipment must be matched to the type of stock you are moving and storing. That being said, your shelving and racking needs to be strong, sturdy, and strategically placed. Not only will you be able to better organise your storage facility, but you will also be able to see when stock levels are low and know precisely where stock items are placed, thus streamlining the entire process.

New racking systems currently available on the market are more than just simple stacking solutions for your products and stock. Most modern shelving and racking systems are designed to minimise the stress involved in searching from aisle to aisle for needed products and, of course, checking stock. Shelving solutions that stack upwards are great space savers and ideal for storage facilities where floor space is limited and needs to be maximised. These systems that allow for maximum floor usage are also designed for quick and easy transfer of goods, without disturbing other products on adjacent shelves. One particular system that offers this type of convenience is our Caslad steel racking system. This shelving system is available in three varieties, depending on your needs, and these are classified as light, medium, and heavy-duty. You can also choose between steel decks and wooden decks. Standard varieties have a sturdy steel frame and a variety of decks.

Our steel bolted shelving is also quite a popular choice. This particular shelving system is designed to meet light to medium industrial storage requirements. We have many heights available according to your needs that range from 1,8 m up to a max of 3,6 m in height. All of these shelving units have the same width, which is fixed at 914 mm. Depth measurements can also vary, which means that you can choose the shelving system that best fits your needs and requirements. The depth measurements vary from 305 mm to 914 mm, depending on your needs. There are other features that make this shelving system popular. First and foremost, they are extremely strong and stable, due to their corner gussets. The steel shelves and powder-coated finish make the unit durable and able to withstand exposure to many work environments and the elements.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your material handling and storage needs are taken care of and a large part of that process is to provide you with semi-fixed and portable shelving solutions. We place a great deal of value on the safety of our customers and as such, we only offer you a selection of the safest items of equipment for use in your warehouse. If you have any questions regarding our shelving and other products, we welcome you to chat to us. Simply take the time to contact us via email or telephone and we will ensure that you are presented with the finest quality range of shelving and racking on the South African market. Waste no more time – get your warehouse or material storage and handling facility equipped with Caslad shelves and racks today.