Steel Bolted Shelving

Steel Bolted Shelving Solutions for Your Business

Businesses in the industrial sector commonly require storage and shelving solutions to house materials and goods. Bolted steel frames offer a durable and stable platform that can carry a heavier load than their plastics counterparts. Workshops and storage facilities make use of storage shelving for various reasons. These racks are ideal close to workbenches, granting easy access to materials and handheld equipment and power tools. They can also be used to store smaller pallets and parcels. As a result, post offices and courier services also take advantage of their sturdiness.

At CasLad, we supply a wide selection of commercial and industrial equipment. Our products include fibreglass and aluminium ladders of various frame designs for different purposes. The fibreglass frames do not conduct electricity, making them ideal for electricians, for example. The aluminium frames are even more sturdy and durable and perfect for industrial-duty applications. We also offer a wide array of castor wheels for trolleys. Using different combinations of materials, our selection can give your business the perfect solution to suit your work environment. Today, we will focus on our steel bolted shelving solutions and how they can work to the benefit of your business.


Robust Shelving

For many businesses, regular shelving is not an option. These businesses often have to resort to installing permanent racks against a wall to make sure that they are strong enough to offer the necessary support for heavier loads. However, these racks cannot be removed or relocated once installed. Businesses also want to be able to maximise the utilisation of floor space as they evolve and our bolted steel frames will give you the versatility of storage racks that can stand anywhere – not just against a wall – with the added bonus of light- to medium-duty industrial storage functions. Therefore, you can stack these racks with parcels, industrial materials, and equipment and not be concerned about whether they will be strong enough.

Our frames use corner gussets for strength and stability. These brackets reinforce the racks to offer a higher load capacity and better stability when loaded. With a steel frame that allows for shelves to be bolted to it by using corner gussets, the result is a durable and versatile solution for your business. Plastic shelves are not ideal for industrial work environments, as these racks are usually not strong enough to deal with heavy loads. They are also affected by heat, so hot, just-used equipment cannot be placed on them. By using metal instead, heat exposure is not an issue. The frame also features crossbar reinforcements to secure the structure and prevent the frame from swaying, bending, distorting, or collapsing.

We offer our bolted steel shelving in a standardised shape and size. These racks feature a protective powder-coating finish. The width of a single standing frame is 914 mm and it is available in various heights and widths. We can deliver these frames with a choice between four, five, or six shelves. The overall height is dependent on the number of shelves it has, resulting in 1828 mm for four, 2134 mm for five, and 2438 mm for six. We offer four choices in terms of the width of the frame as well, these being 305, 381, 457, and 610 mm. As a result, you can order your frames to the exact size that you need for your work environment.

CasLad is your answer to commercial and industrial equipment. We offer castor wheels, ladders, conveyors, and storage-equipment solutions for your business. For more information on our bolted steel shelving, peruse our website. Choose us as your supplier of quality equipment for your business today and enjoy the luxury of choice. We make shelving easy with durable, moveable frames that can handle the load.