Steel Lockers – Why They Are the Best Choice for Your Business

When you first think about steel lockers, you might think that there are mainly used in schools. While they do play a very important role in the school environment, this is not their sole purpose. Steel lockers have many uses, which is why you see them so often used in gyms, hospitals, offices, factories, malls, and many other environments. The main function of a locker is to keep valuables and daily items safe and secure on a temporary basis. Lockers are not intended to be used as safes or permanent storage items. Imagine working on a construction site and having nowhere safe to store your watch and other potential damageable items. Much the same, imagine rushing to the gym after work and having nowhere to store your work uniform while you’re working out. The need for lockers is obvious and it’s a need that we endeavour to satisfy at CasLad.

Buying a locker is not something that should be done hastily. You will find that there are various types on the market, and some are made from plastic, wood, or other unsuitable materials. Steel lockers are the best possible choice for many environments. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Steel lockers are strong and durable

A steel locker won’t easily cave under a heavy load. Whether you are storing clothing or heavy equipment, a steel locker won’t disappoint. Their durability makes them last longer, which means that you won’t have to think about replacing your new steel lockers any time soon.

  • Steel lockers are well-ventilated and are difficult to break into

The steel locker hasn’t featured many design changes over the years, which is because for a locker, the design is just right. There’s really no real need to change things too much. Ventilation has always been a storage concern, but not when it comes to the right lockers. Leading locker designs, which have been around for many years, feature ventilation at the top and bottom of the locker. If you think that these ventilation gaps provide a vulnerability, think again. The strong steel used in the manufacturing process cannot easily be crow-barred open or even sawed open. They truly are secure when compared to lockers made from other materials.

  • Steel lockers don’t provide a comfy space for pests and rodents

No one wants to find the local roaches and rats making their homes inside their locker. Luckily, steel lockers aren’t at risk like timber or bamboo ones are. Bugs, termites, roaches, and rats that cannot eat through the steel to gain access to the contents of the locker, generally lose interest quickly and move onto more pest-friendly territory.


CasLad Stocks Top Quality Steel Lockers for Your Business

At CasLad, a great deal of time is spent ensuring that that steel lockers in our catalogue are able to meet (actually exceed) our clients’ expectations.  While each environment has its own storage needs, our lockers come standard and cater to all industries. We have great buying power and as a result, our prices on steel lockers are always competitive. We welcome you to compare our product range and prices with our competitors.

Our range of lockers is perfectly finished with powder coating to provided added protection. The lockers have the following dimensions: 1 800 mm x 300 mm x 450 mm, and they are available in single, double, and triple tier/compartment varieties as standard options.

In addition to our range of top-quality steel lockers, we also supply the market with a range of other products. These include mobile ladders, castor wheels, trolleys, scaffolding, wheels, and various other items. If you are interested in our lockers or any of our other products, we encourage you to chat with one of our professional consultants who will provide you with all the product information and advice required for you to make an informed decision about your investment. Once you have bought your steel lockers, we will also be readily available to provide you with a wealth of helpful advice and guidance. Buying and maintaining your lockers will be made a simple task with our help.


For all your locker and storage-related needs, we recommend that you send us an email or give us a call at your convenience.