Steel Lockers

Industrial-Duty Steel Lockers

Living in South Africa, we understand the importance of having safe and secure places to store our personal effects. Whether it is at the gym, the workplace, or the sports field, we need secure lockers in which to put our belongings. Schools also use them to provide students with a safe place to store their books, draughtboards, and other items between classes during school hours. Using a metal such as steel to manufacture these storage containers, CasLad provides a wide range that is suited to various applications and a myriad of uses, especially in public environments.

steel lockerBesides steel lockers, we offer a wide selection of industrial and commercial equipment that includes ladders, and castor wheels for trolleys too. With our large selection giving you true freedom of choice, you can find a suitable solution for your business. Security plays an important role in public environments such as schools and shopping centres. By giving people safe and secure storage units, they do not have to worry about their belongings while in class or working. Working in an industrial environment also requires work clothes for safety reasons and these storage units are ideal for storing such uniforms for your workforce. In short, people need to have access to personal lockers for these types of uses.


Our Selection

Steel lockers should feature a simple yet effective design and layout to optimise their utility value. The first determining factor is considering how much space is required. For schools, the unit should provide enough height and depth for books and draughtboards. Locker rooms in gyms and industrial work facilities normally house clothes, tog bags, and personal belongings such as mobile phones and wallets. Shopping centres and sports arenas only need small storage units for parcels and handbags. We have solutions that fit all these criteria, giving you the answer that will suit your environment perfectly.

Single-compartment steel lockers are ideal for storing large items. We offer the L005 model that has a single door. The unit is 1800 mm tall, 300 mm wide, and 450 mm deep. This results in a storage unit for a single person, offering them enough room for various items. Our L010 model has the same dimensions but splits the space into two separate units. The single door is replaced with two doors, one for the upper and one for the lower storage compartment. The L012 goes a step further, splitting this form factor into three compartments with three separate doors. All these units are powder-coated to provide tough protection against corrosion.

Looking at a commercial market, our L015 model is a steel locker unit with four storage compartments. We also offer the L016 and L017 models with five and six storage compartments respectively, each compartment with its own door. These units are ideal for commercial use, as the space is perfect for parcels and smaller personal belongings. If you need lockers that provide airflow and see-through ability, our wire-mesh units are the answer. These are available in single-, double-, and quadruple-compartment variants.

Finally, we offer cupboard-style steel lockers that are ideal for classrooms and offices. Our CU10 cupboard unit is 1800 mm high and offers a double-door storage compartment that is 900 mm wide and 450 mm deep, complete with four shelves. This unit can store a variety of office supplies, such as stationery, books, and computer equipment. The CU05 cupboard unit is half the CU10’s height at 900 mm and is a storage unit with a single shelf. These units are fully lockable and come with two keys per unit.

CasLad is your supplier of steel lockers in various sizes for a variety of functions. For more information on our selection, please browse our website for images and specifications. Safely store your effects with our secure storage units.