Storage Cabinets

How to Choose the Right Storage Cabinets and Equipment for Offices

A clean and neat office provides for a stimulating and innovative work environment. Thus, storage cabinets and equipment play a role in the productivity of your employees. Organising a large company’s files, tools, stationary, and so forth can be quite difficult if you do not have the right storage equipment for the job. Making a choice on the types of cabinets and lockers best suited to your company is solely based on your preference.

However, here are some tips to get that decision made faster and better:

  • Consider the number of staff members working for you.
  • Group your objects that must be stored in categories according to type and storage requirements.
  • Think about the size, shape, and mass of the items that need to be packed away.
  • Decide where you want to place the equipment and cabinets in the office.
  • Remember to pay extra attention to important or valuable item storage.
  • Decide on the relevant budget amount as a guide to what you can afford or are willing to pay.


Cabinets, Lockers, and Wardrobes

You should be thinking of the many reasons you require storage facilities for your building. Answer questions like these:

  • Is it for staff members to stash their personal belongings in a safe and secure place?
  • Is it to sort confidential files and documents in an orderly fashion?
  • Do your employees have to change into certain attire for work and thus need somewhere to hang their casual clothes?


It is up to you to figure out the specifics of the task to assist you in purchasing the necessary products. For any changing room settings, we offer sizeable gents wardrobe units, measuring 180 cm by 90 cm by 45 cm. These are lockable and come with a set of two keys. One key can be for the member clothing and another you could keep as a spare. With abundant space, this solution can also be used for a worker’s other private belongings, making it an exceptional combo locker.

We also offer simpler solutions, such as one to five compartment lockers that do not take up excessive floor area. These units are suitable options if you want to get many units into a small room. Aside from the mentioned pieces, we also have filing cabinets, mesh lockers, and more available.


More Storage Equipment

Stationary-friendly options are in the Linbins and Storebins selection, making for excellent equipment to organise paper, printing, and other office supplies. Bin cabinets can also serve as an impeccable place for tools, cleaning products, and clutter items that you want to keep out of site.

The bins can be colour-coded for extra sorting capabilities or just to fit in with the style of your interior. This can make it more exciting to shop for and to promote motivation in the workplace. A dull environment does not stimulate creative thinking or the improvement of problem-solving skills.

Get a quote from us for quality storage cabinets and start filling the void in your business centre to keep order and tidiness a visible trait in your organisation.