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Storage Cabinets Supplier: Organise Documents and Small Parts with Our Sturdy Equipment

Are you frustrated with the office clutter? Do you want a solution that will help you keep files in order, safety documents nearby, and attendance slips organised? Then you will appreciate our comprehensive range of storage equipment that includes everything from cabinets to wall-mounted units. As a supplier with a proven track record of excellence in service delivery and superior quality products, we commit to bringing you practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing storage cabinets.

bin cabinetLet’s take a closer look at the range, giving you insight as to why we should be your number-one supplier of equipment ranging from ladders and trolleys to storage lockers.


Bin Cabinets

The bin cabinets come in different colours. We also offer a wide range of bin colours. As the name suggests, these cabinets are specifically designed to make filing easier. Simply slide in the storage bins where you can organise essential documents into trays. With many colour bins or trays available, you can choose to, for instance, have the red bins for hazard notices and the green ones for environmental legislation documents.

We offer a small and large unit. The large one measures 1800 mm x 900 mm x 450 mm while the smaller unit measures 900 mm x 900 mm x 450 mm. We pre-fit the units with No. 7 or No. 8 linbins in the colours of your choice. These cabinets are sturdy enough to stand in a harsh industrial environment while the documents inside are protected against dust, liquid spills, and related hazards. The doors open wide to provide for easy and convenient access to the document storage bins.


Bin Wall Panels

These units are perfect to wall-mount. As a supplier of quality products, we can state with confidence that the units can carry their weight and the loads of paper you may want to store in the exceptionally neat trays or bins. We offer different sizes to meet your space and storage needs. The wall-mounting helps to free up floor space. With its relatively small footprint, it is the perfect space-saving equipment to ease the organisation of documents, slips, and related paperwork.


Free Standing Units

We offer single and double-sided units to fit your storage needs. These brightly coloured units come with floor stands for maximum stability. You can choose between stationary and movable ones that come with durable lockable castors.


Linbins and Storebins

Do you need bins to keep small parts safe and organised? Do you have a workshop, spares shop, or manufacturing plant where it is essential to organise small parts for easy location and usage? These bins are the answer. Made to be durable, the stackable units are also acid-resistant. The bins are made from PRP1042 polypropylene co-polymers, and thus able to withstand impact. They feature dividers for improved organisation of small parts. We offer seven sizes to meet your specific space and storage needs. The products are available in blue, black, grey, red, and yellow.

Don’t let clutter cause a chaotic work environment. Get in touch with us as a preferred storage cabinets supplier for pricing information and don’t forget to browse our special offers.