Store bins

Get Organised and Boost Productivity with Quality Store Bins

It has never been easier to be tidy and organised with the help of quality plastic storage bins. Available in all different sizes, shapes and colours, plastic store bins form part of South Africa’s obsession with flexible storage equipment. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find other storage solutions that are as affordable and flexible as these.

Another reason behind store bins’ popularity is their durability, as well as their ease of use. Depending on which bins you choose, the bins come with a convenient clip-on lid, helping to protect the contents from dust and other harmful elements. It also makes it easy to stack the bins on top of each other, which makes the most of vertical space in your home or business.

Plastic storage equipment remains one of the best ways of storing our things and keeping them safe from dust, moisture and exposure. Store bins are affordable and convenient, and their popularity as reliable storage equipment just continues to grow as more South Africans become aware of the many great benefits and advantages that they offer.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency with Store Bins

It is easy to assign a specific colour for each room, employee, project or client of your business. This further boosts efficiency, as you know exactly what goes where in your storage area, without ever having to guess where to start looking for something specific. These are only a few of the many ways in which store bins can help to boost productivity and efficiency in anyone’s storage areas.

Here are a few of the many reasons why so many South Africans continue investing in plastic storage equipment, and why many more are waking up to the great benefits and advantages that store bins offer:

  • Store bins are more portable;
  • These bins are water resistant;
  • They offer more durability and higher efficiency; and
  • They are widely available and very affordable storage solutions.

Buy Quality Storage Equipment from South Africa’s Leader in The Field

At CasLad, we have worked hard to provide our valued clients with the affordable storage equipment and solutions that they need. Throughout the years, we have become the go-to supplier of affordable and quality storage equipment solutions, and we continue to set the standard for excellence in our industry.

One more reason behind our increasing popularity is our large economic buying power. This helps us to save on all of our equipment and products, and to carry over fantastic savings to our clients. This is just one more way in which we work hard to distinguish our offering in a crowded marketplace.

With an extensive range of store bins, you will find everything you need under one roof. There is no need to search for and deal with numerous service providers. Instead, partner with us for all your storage equipment needs and get more value for money.

Here are only a few units forming part of our extensive store bins range:

  • Lin bins and Store Bins: These small parts storage bins are manufactured using tough impact and acid-resistant materials. They are available in 7 sizes and are stackable, with dividers available for each size.
  • Bin Wall Panels: Panel width extends to 457mm, with different sizes available ranging from 457mm x 457mm to 1 828 x 457mm.
  • Bin Cabinets: These cabinets are fitted with No. 7 and No. 8 bins. The bins come in a variety of colours, with the large cabinet size’s dimensions being 1 800mm x 900mm x 450mm.

Let us help you find the best storage equipment and solutions available on the market. To learn more about us and for more information on our range of store bins, speak to our team of dedicated sales professionals today.