Supplier of Industrial Ladders

Deciding on a Supplier of Industrial Ladders

In construction, maintenance, factories, distribution, and office settings, there is always a need for industrial ladders and other useful equipment. Whether it’s to reach top shelving, paint a roof, or stack some books, you’ll definitely be looking to buy industrial supplies. Decision making is already a difficult task in any company or organisation, and as a trusted supplier of industrial ladders and related equipment, we are here to help ease the process of making a choice you will be happy with.


You Can Use These Tips to Decide on a Supplier of Industrial Ladders:

  • Browse online catalogues and ask around for the best prices
  • Find a supplier that sells the specific industrial ladders that meet your requirements
  • Stay away from deals that sound too good to be true to avoid scams
  • Do a proper check to ensure the supplier of industrial ladders is reputable
  • Test the sturdiness of all equipment before using it in the field


industrial ladderAs the person in charge of ordering industrial supplies, it is your responsibility to buy durable and safe equipment for the job. With ladders, safety is always a concern floating in the back of one’s mind. Even if all the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the correct use of the gear, a flimsy ladder can still cause an accident. Therefore, your decision on a supplier of industrial equipment is a matter of the utmost importance.


Study the Different Types of Ladders

Before you can ultimately make a choice regarding a supplier, it is crucial to evaluate the area or environment of operation. Is it indoors or outdoors? Do you need mobile ladders that transport easily, or will you be keeping the equipment at one location? For every task there is a specific unit that works well, and it is vital that you have an idea of the type required. Below are some questions to answer:

  • Will you use it around high voltage cables or other electrical dangers?
  • How high is the top spot you need to be able to reach?
  • Which duties should be doable with the use of the equipment?
  • Is there a limit to the price you can, or are willing, to pay, and how much is it?
  • Do you have a lot of space to manoeuvre the gear or not?


Writing down the specifics of the job will assist you in your search for a suitable supplier of industrial ladders. If you have an abundance of knowledge on industrial gear, it might be less of an issue to select the right piece. However, not everyone knows all about the diverse selection of ladders available, and it can be daunting to pick the most suited product. This is why doing a bit of research is exactly the way to go before opening up your wallet.


What Are the Applications of Ladders in the Extension Range?

Extension ladders are specifically designed so that you can adjust the length to reach different heights. This makes these types of ladders perfect for a variety of different areas and places, but they do need to be leaned against a secure structure as they are not made to stay upright on their own. Therefore, if you are in the market for a self-standing unit, then this is not the one you should be considering. We offer a range of units from fibreglass. These units do not conduct electricity. They are great options for those working in, and around, areas where electrical risks are present. Some models come with swivel feet, adding to the overall safety of their usage. If you end up buying one of these, remember to always check that the surface on which you put the unit is flat, and tie-off the ladder to keep it more stable during operations. We also have options for materials like aluminium. One more benefit of this type of ladder is that they are more mobile than other single length sets, due to their being adjustable in size.


Only A’s from Now On

We also stock a decent selection of A-frame industrial ladders if the extension selection is not relevant to your work environment. The main difference, and probably the most key to know, is that these are meant to be self-standing. It makes this a viable alternative for many indoor operations or anywhere you don’t have support structures to lean it against.

When you select an A-frame, keep in mind that to avoid injuries, you are not supposed to stand on the top last and second last steps. Make sure you are very thorough when deciding on the length as you won’t be using the full exact span of the ladder to stand on. Our range is made from fibreglass sides, with the options of fibreglass or aluminium steps. You can also purchase a complete aluminium piece. These units are installed with rubber footing to ensure that the equipment doesn’t slide out underneath you when placed on a smooth surface.


Let’s Get Straight to the Point

If all you want is a plain and simple ladder, then you are in luck. For the people who are simply looking for a single length, leaning aluminium unit, we are also a supplier of these types. The units are generally more stable because they have no connection points that can get too tight or loose over time. We have a vast array of lengths available, varying from 3 to 10 metres, including 10 to 20 steps. These also feature non-slip feet, and are lightweight to ease the carrying load, enabling swifter movability.


A Bigger Platform for a Bigger Job

If you are still not satisfied that you have found the exact product for your area of expertise, you may find the industrial ladder stage to be to your liking. For people working in pairs and requiring a bit more space to move safely, this might be the best choice. With a platform of almost 180 cm by 40 cm, it has ample space to accommodate tools and support more than one worker at a time. The height is just above 3 metres once it is fully extended, and it is simple to disassemble. Accordingly, it is considered to be a mobile unit that can be taken to remote locations when necessary. It weighs less than 60 kg.


It Does Not Have to be Complicated – Just Find the Best Local Supplier

With just a bit of light reading, you can make the difficult choices easier. It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated your duties are, there is always a ladder for the job. If you just need to get to spots that are barely out of your reach, you can always get a kick stool to assist you.

However, for anything more demanding than a kick stool, you can’t go wrong with industrial ladders from a trusted supplier. As long as you remember to list the things that your particular job entails, you can make a decision that you won’t regret.


Why Choose CasLad as Your Local Supplier in South Africa?

We tick every box when it comes to the perfect supplier of industrial ladders. Our range is extensive, and the equipment is manufactured to strict quality and safety standards. The products are competitively priced. Besides industrial ladders, we supply trolleys, castors, castor wheels, scaffolding, and related equipment. If you want a one-stop supplier of industrial ladders and related equipment, look no further than CasLad as a leading supplier of industrial equipment in South Africa. View our range of ladders and get in touch for a quote or for assistance when ordering.